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Dottie Nelson
Dottie Nelson 9 hours ago
Ive had people steal my jokes but the best thing is when they actually f- it up at the end. Karma.
STARRS Mukbang
STARRS Mukbang 9 hours ago
They give me college white football male frat guy and a college cheer leader woman lol .
LosBarrel 9 hours ago
In 2021 this is still hilarious. 😂 😂
# Unknown Artist #
# Unknown Artist # 9 hours ago
Best knowledge ever
Reginald Carr
Reginald Carr 9 hours ago
I think we all know a Ashley Larry😉
Kay4 Channel
Kay4 Channel 9 hours ago
shouldnt have been kids in the audience in the first place
Federico S
Federico S 9 hours ago
Revolutionary! He subverted our expectations!
Trash Human
Trash Human 9 hours ago
The way he says "push him" kills me
Dah_pig 9 hours ago
1:32 fUdGe
Pale Amigo
Pale Amigo 9 hours ago
🤣 Chris is a great story teller with exceptional delivery and timing.🤣👍
David Banner
David Banner 9 hours ago
What percentage of women who use your site & get murdered report it though?
Hunter Bear-ian
Hunter Bear-ian 9 hours ago
Jay doesn't know about freebasing pshhhh
Dah_pig 9 hours ago
Kevin Reilly
Kevin Reilly 9 hours ago
Hey dude something does not look right? Does it?
Ratko Santrac
Ratko Santrac 9 hours ago
IMA 9 hours ago
Mackie has some of that joker laugh 🃏 😂
Danny Chacon
Danny Chacon 9 hours ago
And they said Brie Larson was flat and not funny..... I thinks she's hilarious here 👍
Lee Brando
Lee Brando 9 hours ago
Allison V
Allison V 9 hours ago
let us count the misogynistic comments
john r
john r 9 hours ago
pathetic propaganda
suhbat erdenebulgan
suhbat erdenebulgan 10 hours ago
I like to think that the black people who were in their custody, pretended to react to these tests in over exaggerated ways to save other black people, using the lack of knowledge of nazis on their race.
Justin Colebrooke
Justin Colebrooke 10 hours ago
Did anyone ever realize hes gay "infidelity crime of passion" 💀💀💀💀💀💀
Ryan Higa
Ryan Higa 10 hours ago
I love how obvious it is to any guy that a woman wrote this. Women are as funny as a pair of blue denim jeans.
Ryan Higa
Ryan Higa 9 hours ago
@Allison V I'm glad we're on the same page.
Allison V
Allison V 9 hours ago
i love how expected it is that a misogynist will appear on a female comedy episode. and it only took 2 minutes! well done, sir!
ollj oh
ollj oh 10 hours ago
writing advice. a good villain has a silly phobia, that makes the villain afraid, and act irrational and hostile. A silly motivation is still better than none.
Jonathan Jollimore
Jonathan Jollimore 10 hours ago
Joseph Guyon
Joseph Guyon 10 hours ago
The part we’re Z talks to Joeys mom gets me every time Joeys voice cracks iam done, than he could mess back with a joke like a savage , u have to love this dude !
Lee Brando
Lee Brando 10 hours ago
Brian Cannon
Brian Cannon 10 hours ago
What asian pornstar went to rutgers at that time? Asa akira.
Pale Amigo
Pale Amigo 10 hours ago
Ollie Foxx
Ollie Foxx 10 hours ago
That Chris guy is a good dancer. If he threw in some singing he could get a job in the entertainment industry doing something besides being a writer.
Shahar Raz
Shahar Raz 10 hours ago
She got real thin skin for a big girl... lost her temper real quick. Also, if every second word is Ni**, Bitch, ass, etc, means you need to sit your ass down and write some jokes
Nick May
Nick May 10 hours ago
I'm from kansas city
Damien Fox
Damien Fox 10 hours ago
There are more forces than meets the eye and sometimes... those forces bring us swan towels.
Israel Moreno
Israel Moreno 10 hours ago
Why is is it ok to do white face but the worlds ends if one do black face ............. ?
Slick Wufu
Slick Wufu 10 hours ago
Bi Neng
Bi Neng 10 hours ago
The Book Worm
The Book Worm 10 hours ago
I will only learn history through this
malachihande mande
malachihande mande 10 hours ago
" we banging chicks without the rubbers" hahaha
Moses Fields
Moses Fields 10 hours ago
0:48 vol.vin
Tejas Agrawal
Tejas Agrawal 10 hours ago
This hurt more than the pandemic
Mark Ian Cinco
Mark Ian Cinco 10 hours ago
Lol JB is the guest
Andrew Hershberger
Andrew Hershberger 11 hours ago
Hopefully that mild shake in his microphone hand is just some booze and not an early sign of a nervous disorder.
brindha rajan
brindha rajan 11 hours ago
I guess you could say he was cumming to conclusions.
Chris Hanlon
Chris Hanlon 11 hours ago
Prince Charles is good for the environment With a private diesal train, diesal lawnmowers and more than 1 Aston Martins
Kevin Reilly
Kevin Reilly 11 hours ago
More Kevin Hart
Kurt Sudheim
Kurt Sudheim 11 hours ago
The fact that a Latino man made it a rugby team instead if a football team is confusing & lovely to me
Anushka Maheshwari
Anushka Maheshwari 11 hours ago
i love that they said some of john mulaney's best bits. For the people who make compilations and don't add some of, bold of you to assume that there is a limit....
Lucinda Tyler
Lucinda Tyler 11 hours ago
0:11 vor.today
Harriott Edmond
Harriott Edmond 11 hours ago
0:49 vom.fyi
skedtm 11 hours ago
Somebody post this on the black lives matter facebook page 😂
Nostalgik 11 hours ago
this is so silly Jesus. wouldn't exactly call this comedy
Nostalgik 11 hours ago
Stepping on an ant nest
Ultimate 11 hours ago
*so youtube recommended me this on 420*
Dewet Maartens
Dewet Maartens 11 hours ago
Woman are just not funny... but they think they are, which is quite funny
Allison V
Allison V 9 hours ago
and here is another misogynistic comment! wow you guys are on a roll.
Monk8090 11 hours ago
They dragged it (Key looking for Peele) out a little too long in the beginning.
L L 11 hours ago
I crossed my leg while watching the video
Simran P
Simran P 11 hours ago
i wanna be as legendary as this man woah
Prem borkade
Prem borkade 11 hours ago
RosieWantsACookie 11 hours ago
Should I be concerned?
Happier and with your mouth open
“you can’t even smoke in a hospital anymore”
tapilaha 11 hours ago
i’m old, is GHB not a thing anymore?
Seemann 11 hours ago
Why this video is not available in UK?
Satevo 11 hours ago
I thought that show was called Fis for Family.
harmonyam 11 hours ago
You eat bananas like strawberries 🎈
Jim are you a marxist? communist?
Okazaki 12 hours ago
smosh did it better xd jk both are good!
Blue Sky
Blue Sky 12 hours ago
Denzil Rodrigues
Denzil Rodrigues 12 hours ago
"Tasted my own urine today, to make sure I was still human" Because there are no other ways to check if you're human
George Kassabian
George Kassabian 12 hours ago
2:18 chris redd saying "that's true" to the teeth joke lmaoooo
EZYmoney Mike
EZYmoney Mike 12 hours ago
His dad was a football player living paycheck to paycheck now the teacher is making millions....how they flip the script...
Mike Halfmoon
Mike Halfmoon 12 hours ago
I really wonder who are those people who doesn't like them? I mean dislikes under every video. Are they from triple K? They are so genious in all aspects!)
Jay Y
Jay Y 12 hours ago
Oh god I feel so annoyed
MERAKI 12 hours ago
So is this what Shang-chi was doing in that 10 years after Assassination trainings
marscrasher 12 hours ago
give guys like this too much money and they will create an entire reality tv show just so women date them
Santiago Navarro
Santiago Navarro 12 hours ago
Ree On Seacrest.
Alunan Hijrah
Alunan Hijrah 12 hours ago
what the fuck is ftx n genderfuluid people?
Enock Balleh Aloryi
Enock Balleh Aloryi 12 hours ago
Holy shit
Felton Millsap
Felton Millsap 12 hours ago
D- rocky, In reply to your question how Tyrone would know a white suburban couple.He knew them from school
James Keen
James Keen 12 hours ago
Plot twist: Vaughn isn’t greatest sex crime detective ever he is the greatest sex crime perpetrator ever and found a way to explain how his dna comes up at so many crime scenes while blaming innocent people for his crimes
Rohan Das
Rohan Das 12 hours ago
So anyway we are fuked