America’s First Ladies - Drunk History 

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In these classic reenactments, Alia Shawkat, Courteney Cox, Casey Wilson, Cheryl Hines and Busy Philipps play America’s first ladies, and Tessa Thompson appears as Eartha Kitt.
About Drunk History:
Based on the popular web series, Drunk History is the liquored-up narration of our nation’s history. Host Derek Waters, along with an ever-changing cast of actors and comedians, travels across the country to present the rich tales that every city in this land has to offer. Booze helps bring out the truth. It’s just that sometimes the truth is a little incoherent.

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Mar 16, 2021




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Shannon Bradley
Shannon Bradley 20 hours ago
Is that Courtney Cox as Edith Wilson?
Fred A
Fred A Day ago
"America's First W.h.i.t.e. Ladies" There, I fixed your title.
sally ride
sally ride Day ago
I can't stand your voice. 1:o6 and I clicked out.
vicky vicky
vicky vicky Day ago
Courtney cox ended up doing comedy sketches? Nothing wrong with it. Still only jennifer made big after friends.
Catherine McClain
Imo the "greatest sharpshooter of all time" title goes to the White Death (Simo "Simuna" Häyhä).
Anne Bruecks
Anne Bruecks Day ago
‘Seat’s Taken’ OMG lololololol
Buhtthred Oy!
Buhtthred Oy! 2 days ago
Dolly and James standing in front of a single door, with a modern street lamp behind it lol
Wilderheartland 2 days ago
I like the single remaining white house door behind them and the flames and smoke in the foreground. Reminds me of a video I staged at my elementary school when I was 13.
Bear's Beauty
Bear's Beauty 3 days ago
The glass shatters in the sink behind her. College. 😎
Tracy LRSW
Tracy LRSW 3 days ago
I could not finish this because of her whining voice and all the likes.
Sirje Malmet
Sirje Malmet 3 days ago
2 rooms apartment was luxorious in Soviet Union
Kate X 💚🌻
Kate X 💚🌻 3 days ago
I love the actress who plays Dolly Madison but oh my god the retelling of that story is so warped it's comical. The US tried to invade Canada and burnt down our Parliament. Clearly they didn't succeed and that's why the Brits (Canadians) stormed Washington. Not surprised that this version is the one Americans are taught though
Kirk Morrison
Kirk Morrison 3 days ago
The White House was called in Dollie Madison's time The Executive Mansion.
Tonya Rose
Tonya Rose 3 days ago
You're annoying could not listen to you talk.
Ronnie Ashline
Ronnie Ashline 4 days ago
what its funny
Ronnie Ashline
Ronnie Ashline 4 days ago
cat women hahaha
Ronnie Ashline
Ronnie Ashline 4 days ago
yaas NB
Grace Henington
Grace Henington 4 days ago
The language is so awful, but it is SO FUNNY
MoonsPath 5 days ago
This is fu*king Brilliant! Got myself some great Irish whiskey and salvaged a BAD day.
Robin Ray
Robin Ray 5 days ago
So here we are in 2021 reliving the history of Woodrow Wilson.
Gloria Montgomery
You mean Grover Cleveland?
1586brittc 5 days ago
Nicole Byer is AHMAZING!
Picklenuggets 5 days ago
"It's not a Jimi Hendrix poster" was hilarious to me because I have a giant Jimi Hendrix poster on my wall just staring me down. When I heard that I had to just glance over at Jimi, and share this moment with him, whilst feeling personally attacked. 😂😂💀
Bob Simmons
Bob Simmons 5 days ago
5:58 did she break the glass in the sink?
diane cheney
diane cheney 5 days ago
James Madison was a Quaker, Dolly was not. Quaker’s didn’t drink or smoke or even wear jewelry. But Dolly was a boss bitch
Charleigh Walker
Charleigh Walker 6 days ago
Wesssss! Pizzaaaa!?
Keimo Rahkonen
Keimo Rahkonen 6 days ago
America needs a female president.. Not saying, Joe Biden isn't doing a good job, he is doing well. But a woman in control would be amazing! I remember when my country had our first female president, things just calmed down.
Keimo Rahkonen
Keimo Rahkonen 6 days ago
I must mention this, now we have the youngest Prime Minister in the World, and she is a woman! She was 34, when she won the vote, but she has done well. We do have a male president now, but still. Gotta be proud of my country, Finland. Our first female president also served both 2 terms, 2000-2012.
R. Gold-Brown
R. Gold-Brown 6 days ago
I do not appreciate the joke that was made on police brutality and what happened to Ertha Kitt was Terrible
virgie ortiz
virgie ortiz 7 days ago
Dumb people were than?Hahaha being I'm feeling dumb for asking?Mr.Biden for President???WHAT 😳 😳 7DAY OF THE WEEK.2CENTS
Jess F
Jess F 7 days ago
watching this after the insurrection and the desecration of the paintings that Dolly rescued 🤬 patriots right?
Jotta H.
Jotta H. 8 days ago
- Alright, well congress is like, bla bla bla - Uuuuh... I am learning vital happenings in history right here.
Cia Artin
Cia Artin 9 days ago
The pizza box.
Cia Artin
Cia Artin 9 days ago
This is the first time watching this show. 🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣Cheers to day drinking. BTW can I start at 9 . . . AM?
Taco ._.
Taco ._. 10 days ago
You gotta have someone do the Bonnie and Clyde story lmao
Baylor Sailor
Baylor Sailor 11 days ago
The one who did Wilson was obnoxious. Dolly Madison's was hilarious! Lyndon B. Johnson and his wife were terrible people.
Morgan Williams
Morgan Williams 9 days ago
www.blackpast.org/african-american-history/1965-president-lyndon-b-johnson-fulfill-these-rights-3/ No, he wasn't.
DeathGodRiku 12 days ago
That is nastiest looking pizza I've ever seen
Jennifer Wilcox
Jennifer Wilcox 12 days ago
So like, this might have been funny except, like for the Valleygirl Valspeak. Yaw, like it was grody to the max! Whatever. I had to leave, like it gagged me with a spoon to keep watching. Fer sure.
Martin Morris
Martin Morris 10 days ago
Bibiana Guadalupe Islas Herrera
I would love to see a "Drunk History" episode of how Doug Emhoff become the first Second Gentleman.
Maxwell Grimsley
Maxwell Grimsley 12 days ago
Nobody: That chihuahua: 👁👄👁
Amalia Rincon
Amalia Rincon 13 days ago
Wounded how FL Melania Trump will be remember ?
Gabriella Reyes
Gabriella Reyes 13 days ago
Why did i never learn about edith wilson in school????
milcs 13 days ago
Eleanor is freaking Karen Googlestein from White Chicks😆 I freaking love her.
Marcus Filimon
Marcus Filimon 14 days ago
17:18 Dammm girl!😕😕😕! Forget that "shot Glas,, , get the bottle..
Marcus Filimon
Marcus Filimon 14 days ago
WTH... Comedy Central!!.. Even you guys become a feminist knowledge Chanel.? Nobody wants to see that.. America's "first,, ladies belong under tthe desk on the Oval Office.. DOING BJ..
Marcus Filimon
Marcus Filimon 14 days ago
What thaaa...? Even the comment section smells like a,, clam'' shop.... 😒😒...
Jarrod Holbrook
Jarrod Holbrook 14 days ago
Jen Kirkman is f-ing trashed
Cassie Dyers
Cassie Dyers 15 days ago
Paget’s was actually really good
john lyon
john lyon 16 days ago
Kinda like Weekend at Bernie's!!! The Octagon! Like, the coolest building in DC!
Sunna Rut
Sunna Rut 16 days ago
I love this! Why doesn't it have more views?!
Patricia Dick
Patricia Dick 17 days ago
Not sure what to think about the drunken narrator who has her dog luck her face and promote drinking. Kind of tacky and promotes the typical stereotype American women. ☠️💀👽
San D
San D 10 days ago
I do not know any women like this. You are misinformed, MS Dick.
That Guy
That Guy 17 days ago
uh, so, in 2021, we still use alcoholism to tell funny stories? glad that they do not make fun of disabled anymore
aisha ä
aisha ä 17 days ago
the eartha kitt vs lady bird one is one of the best
b i r d l a d y
Melissa Dye
Melissa Dye 18 days ago
Can you have Ginger Gonzaga drunkenly narrate some episodes? She has an amazing voice and is SO fucking funny.
Jennie Skinner
Jennie Skinner 18 days ago
“And that’s why Dolly, rips this shit up” 😂🤍
Serai3 19 days ago
You misspelled Dolly.
Elijah Caldona
Elijah Caldona 19 days ago
This is Gold.
The Brown Recluse
The Brown Recluse 19 days ago
This woman is a Vernacularian.
Vanessa Born
Vanessa Born 20 days ago
If I can ever play in indigenous person in one of your sketches I would relish the chance as this is insultingly remarkable:)
Jaide Carstairs
Jaide Carstairs 20 days ago
why am i crying about dolly madison
Rule of Design, Inc.
I only knew Eartha Kitt from Yzma on The Emperor's New Groove, so this is freaking awesome that she took on the Emperor and the First Lady, haha.
DaMaLoJo 19 days ago
That is my all time favorite movie and eartha kitt was an amazing woman
your friendly neighbour
Seeing Monica again💕
Pain Free Fitness with CassandraElizabeth
“When I was 25, I think I plucked off all my eyebrows and dressed like Prince.” Paget Brewster is hands down my favorite on Drunk History.
Mathilde Vega
Mathilde Vega 26 days ago
RYAN R GRANT, Jr 22 days ago
We were saying the same thing about you, when mentioned....,how did u know? oh we so embarrassed...........wut for lunch, btw
Corky VanderHaven
Corky VanderHaven 27 days ago
PB Nice
Violetta Terzi
Violetta Terzi 27 days ago
Are they talking about Kukushka?
Violetta Terzi
Violetta Terzi 27 days ago
Okay that second girl was way too drunk, hard to follow
Rachel P
Rachel P 27 days ago
Him:* throws on a fluffy red apron* Her: "aww homey I'm so proud of you" *bear hug*
Okra N Tomatoes
Okra N Tomatoes 29 days ago
I miss drunk history 😪
stefoehmen 29 days ago
i like her phone case :)
Lady Jay Mac
Lady Jay Mac 22 days ago
The gameboy?
It's ya girl Indica
7:26 this is drunk!
Shawn Wolfe
Shawn Wolfe Month ago
I wonder how many of these drunk girl comedians he hits doing these with them
Helen Amirian
Helen Amirian 27 days ago
I know...and he seems so boring..
TwinCityKillaz Month ago
Clicked on for Shannon Woodward!
Lowell Ed Lee
Lowell Ed Lee Month ago
This female voice of the narrator is like listening to an immature 14 year old girl with pink hair. Like I can’t stand to listen. Yuck!!
Yolanda G
Yolanda G Month ago
I wish this was how they taught history at school, i would have aced it😂😂...this made my day. Molly was the best for me.
Ivan Johnson
Ivan Johnson Month ago
I wonder who is in charge of making sure that drunk people don't hook up on set? 🤔
Helen Amirian
Helen Amirian 27 days ago
Not that "host". Seems like that's his only function, (except when he does acting) trying to bone whoever's presenting.
Adhya Kejriwal
Adhya Kejriwal Month ago
came here just for courtney cox
Emily Talbot
Emily Talbot Month ago
Truly needed history on Eartha Kitt!!! Bravo DH.
Cia Artin
Cia Artin 9 days ago
The Eartha Kitt story needs to be told!
Nika Antauri
Nika Antauri Month ago
Angry Applesauce
That was the saddest pizza I've ever seen. Sadder than elementary school lunch pizza. Sadder that Red Barron pizza. That was a box or sorrow with cheese.
Angry Applesauce
Angry Applesauce 9 days ago
@Morgan Williams Wow, you're right! Does that make me a hater?
Morgan Williams
Morgan Williams 9 days ago
New York style
Angry Applesauce
@M lucas Maybe if it was made with real provolone it might have been cool... but thx for the confirmation
M lucas
M lucas Month ago
it did indeed look nasty lol
Joe Dohn
Joe Dohn Month ago
The zoom in on the dog was a nice touch 👌🏻
kevina warner
kevina warner Month ago
Miss. Danni Tiger
"How can i hit that"
chris white
chris white Month ago
I think Paget is just so lovely.
Xiomara Month ago
Everything’s gone to shit. The one hundred guy’s who were watching the White House? They’re fucking gone. Shit’s going down out there. Some [seditionist] assholes are coming here, and they are gonna take a giant dump on Washington and they’re gonna fuck the White House up! Her retelling of the first time the White House was breached by the British during the war of 1812 was a _leeeetle_ too similar to what happened during the second breach this January! 😫
jeff milligan
jeff milligan Month ago
omg, how many "likes" in one video
screen name
screen name Month ago
Like ur like no like huh like ur stupid like learn to like speak like english
Ivory Plaza
Ivory Plaza Month ago
Then Batman's like no b lol
Helen Amirian
Helen Amirian 27 days ago
Zing! Zang! Police Brutality!
The Grand Strategy Nerd
Everyone so upset with this show and their delivery need to liven up. History is NOT sacrosanct. This was an absolute hoot. DH rules.
Lan Anh Vũ
Lan Anh Vũ Month ago
You gotta love Molly
Michaela Month ago
31:13 I ship it
Yednekachew Geremew
Second videos of first Lady history is kind of happing now
Misterlaxx d
Misterlaxx d Month ago
This show blew after the 3rd season
Thais Santos
Thais Santos Month ago
I’m gonna shake all their hands, I’m gonna hear their thoughts...🤔
Sandy Lion
Sandy Lion Month ago
This is the most coolest way to learn history I love it it’s how I try to tell story’s lol
TawnTawn 81
TawnTawn 81 Month ago
Actually, drinking with your pinky out is considered rude.
Janitha Prasad the INTP
Molly's drunken style is awesome.
Kittywampus Drums
OMG the dog lmao
M C Month ago
god i love molly mcaleer so much
Marc Darren
Marc Darren Month ago
Bring back Drunk History, PLEASE! History is already drunk, put it on tv.
Tora0dead Month ago
Did anyone else tear up with Paget? 😢