Celebrity Roundup (feat. Chris Brown & Fred Willard) - Tosh.0 

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Daniel has always welcomed stars to Tosh.0, including Fred Willard, Terrell Owens, Rebecca Black and more.
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Apr 1, 2021




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Comments 54   
Ollie Foxx
Ollie Foxx 10 hours ago
That Chris guy is a good dancer. If he threw in some singing he could get a job in the entertainment industry doing something besides being a writer.
Rob Chudy
Rob Chudy 4 days ago
glad that this comment section is giving fred willard the love he deserves and that Comedy Central is releasing all they videos after fucking over tosh.
akorede akeem
akorede akeem 4 days ago
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Nick SLowLife
Nick SLowLife 5 days ago
SHITTTT!! Rebecca black !!! I will listen to that shitty song 50 times a day till i fuckin die if you MARRIES ME!!❤❤❤ time has turned her into absolute beauty ❤🥰🥳 Lets jam some Friday and make babys ❤💕👶👶👶👶👶👶
akorede akeem
akorede akeem 4 days ago
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akorede akeem
akorede akeem 4 days ago
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Travis Canaday
Travis Canaday 7 days ago
Rebecca Black is hot!
James Rodriguez
James Rodriguez 8 days ago
Was that Daphne Rosen? Lmaoo
akorede akeem
akorede akeem 4 days ago
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akorede akeem
akorede akeem 4 days ago
it really works our for me get my ex back
Justin Eaddy
Justin Eaddy 8 days ago
Tommy Lee is the best one
localcrew 9 days ago
1. I had forgotten how preternaturally large Arsenio Hall’s hands are. 2. Rebecca Black has a very good voice. C. David Koechner has always been underrated in my book. That is all.
Layla Kirkpatrick
Layla Kirkpatrick 10 days ago
Gen z knows nothing and I'm sad
Jose Gringo
Jose Gringo 11 days ago
Today is Saturday so STFU already!!! 😂
Brandon Mc
Brandon Mc 13 days ago
Arsenio seems like a rad guy! gyeeeeaahh!
Clinton Morris
Clinton Morris 13 days ago
Things that didn't age well: Friday
Deejay ma5
Deejay ma5 14 days ago
Rip to the great Fred Willard. The world is a lil less funny without him.
Ollie Foxx
Ollie Foxx 10 hours ago
Damn, this is the first I've heard of his passing. Such a funny guy.
dave nc
dave nc 14 days ago
Ms. Black does have a beautiful voice.
Reid Simonson
Reid Simonson 16 days ago
Man, Todd Packer has gone far.
Ponce Francia
Ponce Francia 17 days ago
NONO POPO 17 days ago
Chris Brown's little dance sucked...j/s
Samuel Schumpert
Samuel Schumpert 17 days ago
Arsenio seems like a great guy
Dustin Sanchez
Dustin Sanchez 17 days ago
Fred Willard is too damn much
AMAZIN ONE 17 days ago
CPS CPS 18 days ago
Why is Cavallari anyone ?? I'll wait...
Me Cube
Me Cube 12 days ago
Reality TV on MTV unfortunately
BRAd From The Valley Bradley Turnham
the oracle was have them bends spoons they were trying to make transgender wang work with power of mind, yet they were rebel at war with God, or maybe they had there tonssils out and it is the peneal gland for the penis....like the ECU
Ron Witek
Ron Witek 18 days ago
I can't even watch this shit...
The crowd pauses are the men making sure the women are laughing first before they do 🤣 Edit: wow I think this might be my first comment to 1k at least that I’ve seen.
Sideboob 12 days ago
Me so solly but you onry have 5 rikes.
Me Cube
Me Cube 12 days ago
Um no... there's no edit, this is only reply with only 5 likes within 5 days. Stop BS
JonathanLit 18 days ago
Video needs more commercials.
surfrookie1 18 days ago
Thanks T.O. I've been waiting on an apology. Hope you're well
Rebs De Gouveia
Rebs De Gouveia 18 days ago
who tf still supports Chris brown 🤢🤢
Praetor_Fenix420 18 days ago
I miss all
Burke Fox
Burke Fox 18 days ago
RIP Fred
notta cracka
notta cracka 18 days ago
Lmao it wasn't the stupid ppl in the south that hated TGI. It was the rabid idiots that have to find something to be outraged about every day. Trust me, none of those people care about God at all.
Frog Aqua
Frog Aqua 19 days ago
I love Todd Packer
loveforeignaccents 19 days ago
Fred Willard was such a funny guy.
Lacondra Thompson
Lacondra Thompson 18 days ago
Dead Ryan
Dead Ryan 18 days ago
👁️👃👁️ 👄
LDS ramon
LDS ramon 19 days ago
Swordsmen 19 days ago
Im gonna miss this craziness
Christopher Collins
Aw, man....I was excitedly awaiting the crazy drum solo at the end of Black’s song; it’s perfectly oddball.
Brandon Reeves
Brandon Reeves 19 days ago
Happy 30th Birthday to Comedy Central 🥳
Tino Bambino
Tino Bambino 19 days ago
6:22 holy shit is that the Nerd from the movie Summer School back in the 80’s?
Michael Darowski
Michael Darowski 18 days ago
That's it!
Denzel Washingmachine
YES!!!! Thank you! I knew I knew him!
anagennao 19 days ago
I'm just going to count this one as an April Fool's joke.
Wendy 19 days ago
Kristen is Tosh’s bad bitch equal 😂
Johnny Grafx
Johnny Grafx 19 days ago
I wonder if kids today know the legend of Rebecca Black
Lonely_Crash Day ago
Most do lol
Matthew Dunko
Matthew Dunko 19 days ago
I cannot think of anything more harrowing than putting Fred Willard and Chris Brown in the same context
Lyla Lolliberry
Lyla Lolliberry 19 days ago
Man, I miss Fred Willard.
MegaMr46 19 days ago
RIP Fred Willard
DEVIL WOLF 19 days ago
I'd use that hole too
Lemmi Chillmister
Lemmi Chillmister 19 days ago
Can’t remember if that chris brown episode was before or after he beat up Rihanna
adrian alvarez
adrian alvarez 13 days ago
After the assault
Numaan ___
Numaan ___ 19 days ago
What is this?
salka koloi
salka koloi 19 days ago
Trever Farted
Trever Farted 19 days ago
All I’m asking for is forgiveness. I’ve been cancelled for so long, I can’t even go out for a morning jog or coffee anymore. Please, I’m begging you to accept my many public apologies & un-cancel me for good.
Tyler Hackner
Tyler Hackner 19 days ago
Nightwingdude 38
Nightwingdude 38 19 days ago
AFishBicycle 19 days ago
What does it mean?!?
Danny 19 days ago
It means to love and enjoy life. Bear was an amazing man.
Skredbeam 19 days ago
DYN Dre 19 days ago
What’s a sex hole?
Siblings or Dating???