Comedy and Hip-Hop: We’ve Got Bars - Dark Humor 

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Roy Wood Jr., Bob Sumner, Open Mike Eagle, Baron Vaughn, Luenell, Eddie Griffin, Rae Sanni and more comics break down the relationship between music and comedy. (Contains strong language.)
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About Dark Humor:
Dark Humor is a docuseries detailing the influences, experiences and perspectives of Black comedians - including Roy Wood Jr., Donnell Rawlings, Luenell, Sinbad, Earthquake and Ms. Pat - as they discuss topics like politics, music, Black women in comedy, PC culture and more.
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Featured in This Episode:
Roy Wood Jr.
Bob Sumner
Open Mike Eagle
Baron Vaughn
Tommy Davidson
Lil Rel Howery
Jordan Temple
Rae Sanni
Eddie Griffin
Bernie Mac
Chris Rock
Mike Brown
Donnell Rawlings
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Mar 15, 2021




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Comments 46   
Cole Bentley
Cole Bentley 25 days ago
Divisional garbage
laughingshaman1 27 days ago
Our country is an abusive boyfriend.
BigFoot Anon
BigFoot Anon 27 days ago
This shit is racist
HueTube 28 days ago
Okay hip hop isn’t the only genre infused with comedy, we just gonna ignore AC/DC I got big ball?
The Jakker
The Jakker 24 days ago
......always bouncing to the left and to the right.
Jandra Sriker
Jandra Sriker 29 days ago
People need to throw their pre-2016 material away. It's so garbage.
istudy asl
istudy asl 29 days ago
"Made In The U.S.A." - @Lupe Fiasco
TheJamake1005 28 days ago
It's not patriotic. You clearly didn't pay attention to the lyrics!
Richard Gibbs
Richard Gibbs 29 days ago
I appreciate your "common sense" approach to helping me laugh at Real Life. It's a soothing feeling. Thank you!
Javier Fernandez
"Why is it that all of you seem to have satanic signs all over your bodies? Is it the music that causes you to do what you do?" "Is that question directed at us or the parents?" - marilyn manson, portrait of an American family
Nose Beer
Nose Beer Month ago
Roy (Net worth millions): IM OPRESSED
Uzuri Ulimwengu
Uzuri Ulimwengu 10 days ago
Money is just one aspect of oppression. He can be the richest man on here and still experience oppression in his life and feel it through the lives of his people. He's not deaf, dumb and blind.
Shane Mathews
Shane Mathews 28 days ago
Go have another nose beer bro.
that part indeedily
3:51 Y.G. with dreads suffering from that Kylo Ren. Try to unsee it.
philip Jordan
philip Jordan Month ago
That woman who say she was raised muslim so sexy to me from the way she talk ..everything about her is on point to me...danm I'm crushing 🤣
HueTube 28 days ago
Love's Disciple no.1
9:44 🤣😆😫
Inigo Montoya
Inigo Montoya Month ago
Then the cop put on Chapstick lmfao
stillatin Month ago
Black don't crack, look at my boy tommy davidson still looking the same
tripulet67 Month ago
This might be my favorite episode of the series so far 💕 I never really noticed the parallels they drew between music and comedy. Hope this series keeps going 🙏
Mama Southern
Mama Southern Month ago
Not true Ray Charles made a patriotic song. But it’s comedy
emf 303
emf 303 Month ago
We should be emphasizing class solidarity while adopting an us VS them posture towards the people who actually rule over us. It's not me v.s. you, it's us v.s. them, them being the very few who own most of the wealth in this world. I appreciate the deeply felt work that's being created by these artists. I just worry that focusing on race to the exclusion of all other social pressures is not an effective path forward. Race can be employed full time in the criminal justice debate. Focusing on true instances of racist state practices that disproportionately affect the black community can be a great tactic. Calling out Joe Biden for his crime bill is a perfect example. A Crime Bill that expanded the prison population with racist 3 strikes drug laws and then built more prisons to house the millions of new inmates. Joe literally wrote the Crim Bill with his own hands. He's more responsible for the prison problems than probably any other politan. Or talk about Kamala Harris who allowed an innocent man to sit on his life sentence even though new evidence proved his innocence years after he was tried. Harris knew all about the case as California's DA and she let him rot in prison because she didn't want the embarrassment or the L on her POTUS resume. When Harris was asked why she refused to release thousands of inmates- even after it was ruled they should be set free -Harris said the state needed the free labor the inmates produced. There are effective ways to go after systemic racism in America, but calling your neighbors racist because they're not dark enough is mostly going to divide the country, yet that's exactly what the establishment wants. The elites want me and you studying each other suspiciously so they can go unnoticed. The new wave of anti racist propaganda is further intrusion of their ideology into pop culture. Racism has become an industry into intleslf and unfortunately the anti racists who believe they're doing good are actually doing amazing damage to the social relations of this already broke nation.
blueconversechucks 29 days ago
I agree with this analysis. In truth, without extreme self examination, everyone internalizes racism. Black people internalize less because they have to be trained (usually by their families) to filter it out to survive.
Shawn Month ago
@betty blue It's not exactly difficult to understand if you know what the prefix "anti-" means and what "racist" means. The fact that you seem to think it means anything besides basically "against racism" leads me to believe you don't really understand one or either of them. Maybe there's a conspiracy theory to go along with that? Please: I'd love to read about it.
betty blue
betty blue Month ago
@Shawn The fact that you don't understand what the term anti-racist means is kinda sad but you probably feel comfortable living in your ignorance like a clueless child.
Shawn Month ago
"[anti-]racist propaganda" yikes, dude.
Disiam Theillusion
Bars🤔🤔so all this talent but nobody can think of new slanguage or even their own ideas? It's cookie cutter nonsense like country music and totally weak
SoftcorePleb Gaming
It's not dark humour. It's black humour
Zainab solomon
Zainab solomon 8 days ago
It's a play on words
Chris Month ago
God bless Bernie Mac
Alaina Allen
Alaina Allen Month ago
This series is tremendous.
British Comedy TV
Great upload. Thanks for sharing 😀👍
Zo Valentine
Zo Valentine Month ago
Chris Rock⚘
Zo Valentine
Zo Valentine Month ago
Roy Wood Jr. ⚘
Smith Billie
Smith Billie Month ago
0:46 vor.black
Zo Valentine
Zo Valentine Month ago
Cedric the Entertainer⚘
Zo Valentine
Zo Valentine Month ago
D.L. Hughley⚘
Zo Valentine
Zo Valentine Month ago
Steve Harvey⚘
Jesse Siepmann
Jesse Siepmann Month ago
Why does it "dark" comedy?.. there us a huge difference between dark and black humour. Nice click bait. Lol
tripulet67 Month ago
I think it's a play on words -- black comics, finding humor out of darker situations, etc.
Mama sayang Anak
@Jesse Siepmann big love
Mama sayang Anak
@Mau apa Dari ku i love see your vidio
Jesse Siepmann
Jesse Siepmann Month ago
@Katrina Vecchiarelli lol yes!!
TheConMan Month ago
@Zo Valentine I see what you did there :D nice
Zo Valentine
Zo Valentine Month ago
Rest in powerful peace Bernie Mac⚘ 5 October 1957 ~ 9 August 2008
Zo Valentine
Zo Valentine Month ago
Rap is street poetry 🎶
Paul Geary
Paul Geary Month ago
Zo Valentine
Zo Valentine Month ago
FLOW-ers 🌻🌷🌹⚘
Tyler Hackner
Tyler Hackner Month ago
I love it ✊🏼
Zo Valentine
Zo Valentine Month ago
Real history ✊
Sean D
Sean D Month ago
So, black supremacists who make fun of white people are OK, but white people telling jokes about any other race is "racist". Got it. #BoycottComedyCentral
Zo Valentine
Zo Valentine Month ago
Dopeassynergy ✔📣
Mama sayang Anak
@Mau apa Dari ku oh my good its so crazy funny
lil mensch
lil mensch Month ago
Yes. Ynergy the essence of Life
J English
J English Month ago
Please don't pin this comment, i had trouble sleeping last time.
Afro Sam R Eye
Afro Sam R Eye Month ago
yes , dont give into the reverse psychology of the slave owner.
Zo Valentine
Zo Valentine Month ago
Tyler Hackner
Tyler Hackner Month ago
Love it ✊🏼✊🏼
Elah Month ago
I like scratching Things
I like scratching things
Eric Gardner
Eric Gardner Month ago
Ahhh snap he was
Brendan Fenlon
Brendan Fenlon Month ago
Lukas Nightingale
&Ō Pascasio
&Ō Pascasio Month ago
I think ur comment is second but ok
Siblings or Dating???
The Claws Are Out