From Pryor to Whoopi: The Icons That Made Us - Dark Humor 

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Damien Lemon, Ayanna Dookie, Yamaneika Saunders, Mike Brown, Gina Yashere, Chloé Hilliard, Roy Wood Jr., Sinbad, Nore Davis, Donnell Rawlings, Neko White, Sonia Denis, Josh Johnson, Ms. Pat, Rae Sanni, Lil Rel Howery, and Luenell remember their earliest memories of comedy and celebrate their comedic influences. (Contains strong language.)
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About Dark Humor:
Dark Humor is a docuseries detailing the influences, experiences and perspectives of Black comedians - including Roy Wood Jr., Donnell Rawlings, Luenell, Sinbad, Earthquake and Ms. Pat - as they discuss topics like politics, music, Black women in comedy, PC culture and more.
#StandUp #DarkHumor
Featured in This Episode:
Damien Lemon
Ayanna Dookie
Yamaneika Saunders
Mike Brown
Gina Yashere
Chloé Hilliard
Roy Wood Jr.
Nore Davis
Donnell Rawlings
Neko White
Sonia Denis
Josh Johnson
Ms. Pat
Rae Sanni
Lil Rel Howery
Mentioned in This Episode:
Eddie Murphy
Redd Fox
Warren Hutcherson
Robert Townsend
Bill Cosby
Wali Collins
Richard Pryor
Dick Gregory
Robin Harris
Moms Mabley
Marsha Warfield
Wanda Sykes
Bernie Mac
Chris Rock
Dave Chappelle
Katt Williams
Whoopi Goldberg
Patrice O'Neal
Eddie Griffin
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Mar 29, 2021




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Comments 34   
Only clicking to say Whoopi sux
abdulaziz yalahow
abdulaziz yalahow 17 days ago
Please tell me that you pause it & typed Warren hutcherson name to find out who he was y’all
n1mand 18 days ago
Is there something like "white humor"? Otherwise: THAT'S RACIST!xD
Prestige Worldwide
Prestige Worldwide 19 days ago
To put pryor and goldberg in the same sentence shows that whoever made this title has a hole in their head
Dawn Duchess
Dawn Duchess 19 days ago
That "am I even supposed to be here part" hit deep 🎯
Alex Rojas
Alex Rojas 20 days ago
Robin Harris was funny as hell
Alex Rojas
Alex Rojas 20 days ago
Oh "dark humor" as in black comics...I was thinking norm McDonald dark comedy. Lolol
Peter Cho
Peter Cho 20 days ago
And now Chappelle is owning the game. Chappelle will be elevated to legend status.
Alessandro Gambino
Alessandro Gambino 20 days ago
Dave is a story teller now. He stopped being funny a long time ago.
Ray Warren
Ray Warren 21 day ago
I’m surprised they kept the Bill Cosby homage
Charles Lee Ray
Charles Lee Ray 19 days ago
Thats about as dark as it gets
Dee Martin
Dee Martin 21 day ago
You DO KNOW Sinbad ALWAYS been a ginger...
B KewL
B KewL 21 day ago
Glad they gave Eddie Griffin his much do props!!!!!
MiSTaH bOmBAsTiK 20 days ago
Agreed!! Neko White knows his comedy history...
Michael Xie
Michael Xie 21 day ago
Sinbad is ginger and a white guy now. Interesting.
Annie M.
Annie M. 21 day ago
Man Robin Harris & Dick Gregory, Eddie Griffin Are Some Of My Faves
Wok Gees
Wok Gees 22 days ago
Remember When Ted Danson Wore Blackface to Roast Whoopi Goldberg?..and they were dating!??!?
GARTH 22 days ago
Sinbad looks like a fake person created from magazine cut outs of other people stuck together to make a new person
iactantia 22 days ago
I'm neon white and these are some of my favorite comedians of all time funny's funny I just like to laugh.
Chris Sharrer
Chris Sharrer 22 days ago
Dave Chappelle is Richard Pryor's and George Carlin's love child. Eddie Murphy is an underrated GOAT for sure.
Chris Sharrer
Chris Sharrer 22 days ago
Edit: Kat Williams 9 OH 10 fucked me up. I'm dying.
Brittany Taradactilee
So glad Dick Gregory made it on here. He was pushing while the actual civil rights movement was happening. If you havent heard his earliest recordings you have to check them out!!!
Yo Mama
Yo Mama 22 days ago
Sinbad c'mon man. Why you a ginger now?
YouWouldn'tGetIt 22 days ago
The irony of "dark humor"
aHunter S
aHunter S 22 days ago
Hmmm Comedy Central doing what makes them not worth watching making crappy content no one in this line up should cal themselves comedians get out cc because I only like to promote people by race not talent
Oregon Lee
Oregon Lee 22 days ago
Why is it called dark comedy I don’t understand, all positive jokes
WillToNihilism 22 days ago
Sinbad with the red hair lmfao what.
Tyler Hackner
Tyler Hackner 22 days ago
All iconic comedians
Tyler Hackner
Tyler Hackner 22 days ago
Amazing group of comedians
Matthew Campbell
Matthew Campbell 22 days ago
Please thumbs down if you are sick of black talk. This didn't have a single white comedian. Please lord bring back the UNITED PART of the USA. The left calls for unity but push this 🐎 💩 on tv everyday.
Ceo founder
Ceo founder 22 days ago
Amazing group of multitalented comedians! Praying for Sinbad to make a full recovery. The late Dick Gregory was a comedic prophet! Richard Pryor was a masterpiece/masterclass of a phenomenal comedian and multitalented comedic actor! Robin Harris was absolutely funny! The institution that financially assaults everyone by way of taxation without representation every april 15th; should have been charged with "Manslaughter" for causing Redd Foxx's death!
Christopher Johnson
Delirious is a Great comedy
REEV 54 22 days ago
Good things have good history
florida suburban homesteading
Get one thing straight.....whoopi is not an icon....she is a piece of unfunny shit....looks like it as well. .......pryor on the other hand is" the icon"
Batman Pop's
Batman Pop's 22 days ago
The first guy who was talking look like he can be related to Chris Rock, LOL 😂
Ray Warren
Ray Warren 21 day ago
@Sam Anib facts lol
Sam Anib
Sam Anib 22 days ago
I don’t see it
Lex Films
Lex Films 22 days ago
wait dark humor isn’t what i thought it was
Hayden H
Hayden H 22 days ago
Be careful what you say from folks. This isn't the 1980s.
Hayden H
Hayden H 22 days ago
@Sadeki Nessrine Shikran
Sadeki Nessrine
Sadeki Nessrine 22 days ago
Yee T
Yee T 22 days ago
Jesus. Loves you