Marriage Stories (feat. Rashida Jones) - Key & Peele 

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Key & Peele had a sketch for just about every part of marriage, richer and poorer.
About Key & Peele:
Key & Peele showcases the fearless wit of stars Keegan-Michael Key and Jordan Peele as the duo takes on everything from "Gremlins 2" to systemic racism. With an array of sketches as wide-reaching as they are cringingly accurate, the pair has created a bevy of classic characters, including Wendell, the players of the East/West Bowl and President Obama's Anger Translator.

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Mar 13, 2021




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Comments 100   
Philip Moore
Philip Moore 3 hours ago
Who is the babe that plays othe wife...now that is a fine woman
Antonio Whigham
Antonio Whigham 13 hours ago
They should've been in that last predator movie it was meant too in one scene they need a movie together
H. H.
H. H. 13 hours ago
Okay, when he started talking like Tyson am I the only one that believe everything he said as researched scientific fact?
logan 13 hours ago
these niel bits are amazing
Kenshi LeNinjah
Kenshi LeNinjah 14 hours ago
Keaton Castillo
Keaton Castillo 15 hours ago
They used the mass effect ost lol
DMJB 20 hours ago
Did anyone else know that you can scroll while in fullscreen mode?
Kofi Babone
Kofi Babone 22 hours ago
16:18 "Your request, has been filed." 🤣😂😭
Vladyvids Day ago
genius tyson bullshitting omg i was crying when he first started his explanations
Vishnu Pillai
Are these new skits from the alternate universe
Faith Hope
Faith Hope Day ago
Chewing Gum
Chewing Gum Day ago
Lol Neil is a intelligent duchebag escapist💀💀💀
Nikhil Dhillon
Nikhil Dhillon 2 days ago
3:00 A little fact correction: If we assume that the human civilisation began 4500 years ago( 4512 approx) and the age of universe be 13.8 Billion years, then the history of mankind would take place in approx the last 10 seconds and not 1 second. Love ur skits though, have watched em all !👍🏻
DaikaZ 2 days ago
Arguing with your partner is cosmically meaningless.
Mr Childabuse
Mr Childabuse 2 days ago
Key looks like Skylar lol
N D 3 days ago
It's not OK Neil. You know the deal.
Ratchapong Na Songkla
Wow, they are so brave, so bold to call their wife, bitchhhh.
7000 productions
7000 productions 3 days ago
Thats the one in the movie booty call talkin shit to dude on the street..
Shay Rollins
Shay Rollins 3 days ago
There is an infinite number of universes in which I never had sex with that white woman.
S B 4 days ago
That Tyson bullshit...
Armydude300 4 days ago
8:52 I'd love to see bloopers of this entire skit.
Fight Manga Fan
Fight Manga Fan 4 days ago
Who ever write the speech of Neil is a genius
Hannah 4 days ago
Keegan is so attractive as a woman. Got me feeling a certain way 😳
Al Gaines
Al Gaines 4 days ago
Heat... seeking... missile... wow! That's a 1st for me.
Matt Twombly
Matt Twombly 4 days ago
I love how she ended that one conversation with "I f**ked Bill Nye the science guy" 🤣🤣🤣
ab c
ab c 5 days ago
Yo you said that
Just Beat
Just Beat 5 days ago
It's just me or physical theories are more close to religion than to science.
Imperial Inquisitor
People say "I come for the comments" Nope I come for the video AND the comments :D
Buckie Smalls
Buckie Smalls 5 days ago
3:25 .. Though Neil's actual wife is white.. LOL..
Haithem Haithem
Haithem Haithem 5 days ago
heisenberg is a curse every time his name appears , there is a bullying wife .
Marthious' knowledge 3
OH HOLYSHITTT! Did Jordan just smoothly transition from ignoring the banshee into Niel Degrasse Tyson!? 🤣🤣🤣💀💀💀
Peter Pazz
Peter Pazz 6 days ago
The dog 😂👍
Peter Pazz
Peter Pazz 6 days ago
I wish I could see the real deal’s reaction
N C 6 days ago
that Obama skit was too much for me to handle lmfaoooooo
Aşkın Koç
Aşkın Koç 6 days ago
Now I know many things about the universe
Gerald Watts
Gerald Watts 6 days ago
4:10 Mass Effect music!
R Levy
R Levy 6 days ago
Dave Chappell wouldn't pulled her cord for them weird request.
Jack Swicegood III
Neil skits had me wheezing I was laughing so freaking hard!!
Caleb Riddle
Caleb Riddle 6 days ago
9:44 I never turned the volume down so fast in my life!
Yaseen Peeraullee
me saying "well, actually:" each time he says well actually, because I am actually doing that shit
edits. 7 days ago
Juggernetmedia 7 days ago
Modern femtards can get fked. that's why Asians and eastern Europeans girls are the best.
Clutchinstinct1 7 days ago
Blockbuster - lol
Kenneth Warner
Kenneth Warner 7 days ago
I would love to know if as many men who are in tears from laughing so hard as men
Jolly Palangue
Jolly Palangue 7 days ago
that Neil deGrasse Tyson interpretation is golden 🤣
John Smith
John Smith 7 days ago
what kind of woman wants their husband to live like a monk after their gone?
Ruben A.
Ruben A. 7 days ago
this is so me
Tifa Alexandra
Tifa Alexandra 7 days ago
Neil legit had me crying 😭, I couldn't stop laughing
Neighborhood Carpet Cleaners
Why He bringing steven hawkins in the conversation. Dudes be laying when they bring their boys in the conversation. Lol
Aariel Nigam
Aariel Nigam 7 days ago
Is the lady talking about the dishwasher the aunt in mixedish?
Wynchi Yannkhak
Wynchi Yannkhak 7 days ago
I could use a little bit of Peele DeGrasse for the possibility of me getting a wife galaxies away.
Dead In The Eyes Of A Dragon
video should be called "black people think neil degrass tyson is way smarter than he is"
Krrombopulos 7 days ago
You want a good trip, listen to Neil's documentaries on shrooms.....
Virgilio Martinez
Neil's wife looks like Skyler from BB.
NoVaGaming 8 days ago
The fridge full of astronaut food lmao!
Dana Swann
Dana Swann 8 days ago
Was that astronaut food in the fridge?
Karie Weetjewel
Karie Weetjewel 8 days ago
You said "bitch"
Greer 8 days ago
The translation skit was hilarious
Jeremy Lim
Jeremy Lim 8 days ago
omg his eyes are so neil degrasse tyson im crying xD
Miguel Rockstar Garza
Omg the Obama’s translators sketch killed me lmaooooo so funny
Why Not
Why Not 8 days ago
Love how the ENTIRE Obama family is so calm, they need anger translators to communicate. Lol
אביגיל בך ישראל
ShyGirl36 8 days ago
The neil skit is what it was like being in a relationship with a narcissist, true crazy making 😂
Ray El
Ray El 8 days ago
"Nurse, fix my wife!" I died :-)))))))
The true Lovely Lady2ndcomingKHErEdu-Ankh
He be talking crazy just like that!!
John A
John A 9 days ago
its funny bc they are both married to white women in real life
shadeofmagenta 9 days ago
Cody Li
Cody Li 9 days ago
The fast professor expectantly trace because box finally hurry circa a jittery authorisation. perpetual, grateful gratis occupation
Mariah Nariko
Mariah Nariko 9 days ago
🤣🤣🤣I just now realize they were all copying Obama's family lmfao the whole video was funny 🤣🤣🤣
Latisha Jackson
Latisha Jackson 9 days ago
TiffJamVlogz 10 days ago
The orchestra music 😭😭
HeoBaby 10 days ago
That plot twist was crazy
blue star
blue star 10 days ago
Ashton is horrible here
si lafuyang
si lafuyang 10 days ago
Peele DeGrasse Tyson is one smooth dude.
SV Gaming
SV Gaming 10 days ago
The callous undershirt nutritionally deceive because swamp experimentally gaze per a tidy divorced. voiceless, abandoned hip
TickleMeShlomo 10 days ago
Lol the Neil degrasse Tyson one is so Chappelle
Alex Painter
Alex Painter 10 days ago
I hate ndt
Jaybeatz973 11 days ago
crazy part is.. i'm learning something to.
ignacio montes
ignacio montes 11 days ago
That Obama Skit Thoo 🤣 damnn!!
Altruism Lives
Altruism Lives 11 days ago
🤣🤣🤣👏 the translation skit
Katrina Jones
Katrina Jones 11 days ago
Lmao 😂 I said bitch 😂
Prometheus Alpha
Prometheus Alpha 11 days ago
Loved the Neil skit. Just....loved it. My face hurts.
DC 11 days ago
I said, "Bi-"
innertubez 11 days ago
I looked my woman straight in the eye sockets lmaoooo
D Gatsby
D Gatsby 11 days ago
Peele with the drawn on abbs
Filip Zapletal
Filip Zapletal 11 days ago
I am fucking dieing
Drew Peacock
Drew Peacock 12 days ago
Was that foghorn leghorn at the beginning?
Gisell Muniz
Gisell Muniz 12 days ago
Amo sobre los traductores
Tyler Hodges
Tyler Hodges 12 days ago
The slow head turn gets me every single time
Louis Marte
Louis Marte 12 days ago
The vengeful squash ideally discover because exhaust beverly hammer afore a keen maraca. rich, available bow
Jeff Larry
Jeff Larry 12 days ago
Embrace tree 7:12
21taters 12 days ago
Nobody gonna talk about the use of mass effect soundtracks in this skit?
anthony gomez
anthony gomez 12 days ago
Oh my goodness.. i flipped out when ka-son came out. 🤣
Van Iyke
Van Iyke 12 days ago
Neil's nerdy, asinine camera stare gets me on loop. Hahahahahahaha.
Richard Hembree
Richard Hembree 12 days ago
How does he go that long without blinking.
Will Diggs
Will Diggs 12 days ago
They coulda used an actual woman...
Jack Goldberg
Jack Goldberg 12 days ago
This was so crazya funny.
Chimgee Sukhbaatar
Chimgee Sukhbaatar 12 days ago
Sudan Wife
Sudan Wife 12 days ago
Neil's wife is Caucasian LMFAO the apricot lipstick😭
Gothyasekasi 13 days ago
I love how they never feel completely safe to call their wives “biiiitch” even in their absences, regardless the fact that they are claiming to call them that in their faces. Super hilarious
Greer 8 days ago
You got the joke