Natasha Leggero Takes Down Justin Bieber & Greg Giraldo Obliterates John Stamos - Hall of Flame 

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The only thing worse than getting roasted is getting roasted about your ex-relationships, as Justin Bieber and John Stamos know all too well. (Contains strong language.)
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Apr 1, 2021




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Comments 40   
dimitreze 13 days ago
what a sad compilation with sad people making sad comments about roast clips
B Selman
B Selman 17 days ago
Who is the scarecrow hosting this?
MuffnMonster 17 days ago
Nikki Glaswhatever = poopy flavored lolly pop
MuffnMonster 17 days ago
They can all make fun of J Bieb but im pretty sure his net worth blows all of theirs wayyy out of the water with 285 million bucks
blouptqy 17 days ago
Jesus Comedy Central recycling content and turning it into early 2000's VH1. Good way to not make your network die lolololololol
Jazmine Thompson
Jazmine Thompson 18 days ago
I was going to watch the roasts moments till I saw that asshole Kathy Griffin
Wigadama 18 days ago
Imagined getting pinned by Comedy Central 😍
thomas666 18 days ago
Greg was by far the best roaster to ever live. RIP Greg.
Kaloyan Kolev
Kaloyan Kolev 18 days ago
Family Guy had a joke about the fat kid from Stand by Me who married Rebecca Romajin
Christ Yeeter
Christ Yeeter 18 days ago
Lmao why can’t you joke about those people?
orc001 18 days ago
Which tard at comedy Central thought these react videos would be a good idea
E K Daufin
E K Daufin 18 days ago
Could do without most of the responses at home. 🤨
Siege 18 days ago
Padding comedy? This is awful. Just stream the full roasts. You know we’ll watch them.
Vice Sick
Vice Sick 18 days ago
Damn selena got burned
NE2WATTS ‘’ 18 days ago
who tf are these people in the video?? 🤔are they from tmz or sum 💩??????
Eric Barkewitz
Eric Barkewitz 18 days ago
Who are all these nobody's, couldn't get anyone funny to comment on roast, they don't get half the jokes
Jay Arthur
Jay Arthur 18 days ago
Greg Giraldo the 🐐
gerardo felix
gerardo felix 18 days ago
I swear if Greg Giraldo doesn’t get the top 3 spots I’ll lose my mind. They better give him a special shout out.
TheBazzterd U'r Average Gamer
Nikki, not my type usually but somehow she keep's me drooling.
I NG 18 days ago
Justine was not crying . It’s a eye wipe most men do it when nervous
I NG 18 days ago
How is this funny ? The Justine Bieber jokes were boring
robot 18 days ago
Lol justin fans 👎
No other Like my own skin
When Comedy Central Final Finish make South Park No rush. Can it go on Netflix? Can you provide this? Make 30 Episodes for less 30 more Seasons Make more like South Park Season 1 - 10
r҉e҉d҉h҉e҉a҉d҉e҉d҉ ҉ ҉p҉s҉y҉c҉h҉o҉
you can't make racial jokes as well
Michael McConnell
Michael McConnell 18 days ago
This isn't funny. Why is this on comedy central. This is more of a VH1 MTV vibe
Ghost_Dog 18 days ago
Roast in peace Greg Geraldo.
saul martinez garcia
What is this shit? Can't they just put the clips and that all?
PaulTurbo 19 days ago
Just show the clips and skip the boring commentary.
Razor Rich
Razor Rich 19 days ago
Greg Giraldo forever King Roast Master. May he Rest In Peace.
duce Kong
duce Kong 19 days ago
The legendary 1
Robert Walker
Robert Walker 19 days ago
Greg is the best all time roaster!
Ophiela pain
Ophiela pain 19 days ago
also I love Natasha I love Nikki and no one can tell me any different and I still like everybody everybody no one can tell me any different
Tyler Hackner
Tyler Hackner 19 days ago
Ophiela pain
Ophiela pain 19 days ago
I think it's hilarious that Justin didn't even know that he was being burned he just kind of laughed and who the f*** would come down and wings that's dumb
the pervy ninja
the pervy ninja 19 days ago
😂😂😂wiped his tears
DubStylee 19 days ago
No Napsey Hussle jokes? Says who? He didn't die young he was 76 in white boy years
Emmett Grizzle
Emmett Grizzle 19 days ago
0:54 vom.wtf
GoalieG33 19 days ago
I think John Rzeznik took over Johnathan Cheban's body and skin.
Profound Wanderer
Profound Wanderer 19 days ago
Gotta love how the commentators constantly get offended, and talk about how "you wouldn't be able to get away with that now". It's nauseating, and they're absolutely useless on here.
Tyler Hackner
Tyler Hackner 19 days ago
Bracamontes 19 days ago
duck man
duck man 19 days ago
Who else just started randomly watching and now its just an everyday thing
Lacondra Thompson
Lacondra Thompson 18 days ago
I like this
Chase Lee
Chase Lee 19 days ago
didnt even know i was subscribed lol