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Settle in for a stream of some of Futurama's characters' best moments. And don't forget to catch more Futurama over at @Animated.
Watch Futurama on Comedy Central every weekday.
About Futurama:
Philip J. Fry awakens in the 31st century after a cryogenics mishap and goes to work for Planet Express, making intergalactic deliveries with cycloptic captain Leela and robot buddy Bender.

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Mar 20, 2021




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Comments 70   
sean thorpe
sean thorpe Hour ago
it's the final countdown ahaha
sean thorpe
sean thorpe Hour ago
whoop whoop
Dave Roche
Dave Roche 3 days ago
Still one of the best series ever...
Vlasis 3 days ago
De clamps!!!
Princess Kitsune
Princess Kitsune 4 days ago
So this is just the same thing looped i think 3 or 4 times ... kinda boring ...
Darren A.
Darren A. 4 days ago
This is great !!!
Apollo Delta
Apollo Delta 4 days ago
I've been waiting...
joshua fischer
joshua fischer 4 days ago
Brandon Hamersma
Brandon Hamersma 6 days ago
All hail science
Lisa Coulton
Lisa Coulton 7 days ago
Awesome upload, thanks.
Chicken.s00p 7 days ago
Mark Davis Jr
Mark Davis Jr 7 days ago
Yeah!!! Suck it!!!! 🍻✌
Cameron Smith
Cameron Smith 8 days ago
This show was ahead of its time😭😭 the future everyone😏 if God let’s us live to the year 3000 that exactly what’s it will be like no joke😂 I hate the the comedy had to end smh
Tyrell Cobb
Tyrell Cobb 8 days ago
I can't live without this show 🤗
Metalchemist2 9 days ago
wait, this isn't just the entire series one episode after the other?
Brandon Maddox
Brandon Maddox 9 days ago
Hail science!!!
spot lobac
spot lobac 9 days ago
well at least there aint no zoom ins & intermissions with infuriating loud music , shut up bill.
The Django JoE Show Official
This is long enough to sleep too. Thank you for that! 😁
Jimmy upadhyay
That is exactly what i use it for
spot lobac
spot lobac 6 days ago
@The Django JoE Show Official I eye was just bitchen.....still see bits & pieces / shorts.
The Django JoE Show Official
@spot lobac great deabte... Leela or Amy?
spot lobac
spot lobac 9 days ago
ill be sleepin to it, leela needs some daisy dukes to go with that tank top.
Jeromy Mancine
Jeromy Mancine 12 days ago
this rocks!
Godlysunfury 13 days ago
Leave him alone it’s not his fault he’s an unstoppable killing machine. 🤣
Xavier Domanski
Xavier Domanski 13 days ago
fanbase: bender we love you baby bender: SHUTUPBABY IKNOWIT
Peelin Drag
Peelin Drag 10 days ago
Now get over here and give Ol bender a kiss BABAY!
Bob That guy
Bob That guy 13 days ago
Haha 40% funny man
b , who farted
b , who farted 13 days ago
I think I'm going to lose my job tomorrow. I hope I can say," bite my shiny metal a**!
CAPTAIN Cookie 10 days ago
Did you say it? That may be a reason for them no to give you severance.
Mauricio Graham
Mauricio Graham 13 days ago
Probably one of my favorite endings to a series!😭❤️🍾
Jumanji Jungle
Jumanji Jungle 14 days ago
Red pill joke
Jumanji Jungle
Jumanji Jungle 14 days ago
Pina Skulladas
Patrick Guillen
Patrick Guillen 14 days ago
Season 3 episode 12 next ? 🧐
Aj Jones
Aj Jones 15 days ago
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Maxx Riot
Maxx Riot 16 days ago
What's gonna happen?
Kelly Morris
Kelly Morris 16 days ago
Hola everyone Happy Happy Easter...
Synthpuff the Mashup Jigglypuff
Yes and you said you're streaming now despite the fact it's obviously stopped.
Self Reflection
Self Reflection 16 days ago
Ink defense lol
Ken Gardiner
Ken Gardiner 16 days ago
Shut up and take my money!!
cora ortiz
cora ortiz 17 days ago
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Bruno Silva
Bruno Silva 20 days ago
nationofmillions 22 days ago
Can't even name a favorite episode but I was forced to choose I would have to say "Luck of the Fryish" "Fry Am the Egg Man" and "Obsoletely Fabulous"
Ayyy Lmao
Ayyy Lmao 23 days ago
Thc cbd hiv
Edelbrandfreund 23 days ago
hello, fellow meat bags!
BigSal 6 days ago
Bite my shiny metal ass!
Tyrell Cobb
Tyrell Cobb 8 days ago
Greetings Earthling I peace in come🖖🏽
Presto Britton
Presto Britton 23 days ago
The vivacious yogurt systematically annoy because reason previously own by a good cappelletti. sour, flat pepper
Travis Porter
Travis Porter 24 days ago
This is just 8 hours of not live stream
Travis Porter
Travis Porter 24 days ago
Any minute now
Oni Blessing
Oni Blessing 24 days ago
The spotless belief respectively concentrate because servant fascinatingly bubble beside a royal brush. dramatic, jazzy mandolin
William Spruce
William Spruce 25 days ago
Bender the offender
Gabriel Villalobos
Gabriel Villalobos 20 days ago
Bend Her
t r a v i s g 9 9 9
ads every 45 seconds... neat
Gabriel Villalobos
Gabriel Villalobos 20 days ago
2021 and you dont have ABP, you are hopeless xD
a J
a J 25 days ago
I haven’t had any ads and I don’t have premium
Angel Verastigue
Angel Verastigue 28 days ago
Couldn't watch after 2 min ads so many ads
René' Cruz
René' Cruz 29 days ago
I was on this live, it was awesome ty!
Ivan 29 days ago
Not enough ads
Darkaero 29 days ago
Skip to the end of the video, press replay or go back to where you were. No more ads.
SQUISHE 29 days ago
Might as well stream all the episodes
SQUISHE 28 days ago
@tom lewis Not what I was going for but sure
tom lewis
tom lewis 29 days ago
Its called Paramount.
Милан Ковачевић
Such an awesome stream, i'm watching it for the second time!
Fontainebleau _
Fontainebleau _ Month ago
Great stream!
Tyler Markabb
Tyler Markabb Month ago
91doctorj 7 days ago
Shut up baby I know it.
mori1bund Month ago
*Good news, everyone!*
Samori Johnson
@Rose Quartz ⁰0090000⁰⁰00000ⁿ⁰0000
Rose Quartz
Rose Quartz 15 days ago
B Bb
B Bb Month ago
1 min yoooo)
Alonzo Aguilar-Vazquez
Y'all just fucked me up with fry's mom
btchpants Month ago
Poor bats and their experimental genetic testing... What kind of government would do something like that?..
Ollie Foxx
Ollie Foxx 29 days ago
Ask Winnie the Pooh, he knows all about that stuff.
ANDREW LU Month ago
btchpants Month ago
Pretty funny but I'm not sure there are enough ads...
The Rebel Thomas Jefferson 1776
@ScoobyShotU Don't have to call people names, that's not nice.
ScoobyShotU 13 days ago
@Vindian86 or instead of being a chump and paying them u could literally just click to the end rewind it and no more ads dumb ass
tdog 14 days ago
I skipped the first hour. No ads after that
tdog 14 days ago
@DirtyBird760 and doesn’t support creators
Matthew Wayne
Matthew Wayne 16 days ago
Called it!!!
Rebecca Caldwell
0:49 vom.gen.in
David Bondarenko
Let’s go baby
Rickus LastName
Rickus LastName Month ago
"You are all fools of the highest caliber"
a J
a J Month ago
Warren L.
Warren L. Month ago
Me in Call of Duty Black Ops Cold War: Zombies/Multiplayer 5:13
a J
a J Month ago
Me falling asleep on couch
Brandon Reeves
Brandon Reeves Month ago
Please don’t Delete the Steam.
Tahmir Patterson
Thank u
HQs moses
HQs moses Month ago
Im watching this while ...
a J
a J Month ago
While...taking a dump? I know I do.
verbalassault87 Month ago
1:00 till...?
a J
a J Month ago
InfiniTHREE Month ago
Zyaire Royer
Zyaire Royer Month ago
Lol this fit funny ass hell
Shinichi Izumi
Shinichi Izumi Month ago
who is futarama
Gabriel Villalobos
Gabriel Villalobos 20 days ago
Well, who are you? (Who are you? Who, who, who, who?) I really want to know (Who are you? Who, who, who, who?) Tell me who are you? (Who are you? Who, who, who, who?) Because I really want to know (Who are you? Who, who, who, who?)
SynS 07
SynS 07 Month ago
@a J lol my reaction exactly
a J
a J Month ago
Who is? What! The...f!
MADA SUCKA Month ago
Damn I missed the stream.
Marco Month ago
Bring back Futurama!
stupid monkey805
stupid monkey805 18 days ago
Let's get show an 8th revival