The Best Roasts from Athletes - Comedy Central Roast 

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Shaq, Peyton Manning and Blake Griffin are all-star roasters.
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Mar 25, 2021




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Comments 100   
Anthony Garza
Anthony Garza 2 hours ago
Damn DeNiro old 😢
gdels 19 hours ago
The Kevin Spacey ABC joke destroyed me. god damn
Random Stuff With Ramon
Now peyton resides in his country home in peytonville
yaron weiss
yaron weiss Day ago
Gotta luv Pete Davidson lmao 😂
Matt Woods
Matt Woods Day ago
I think David was actually like lowkey pissed
Gerald Walls jr
Gerald Walls jr 2 days ago
Damn Blake shit
Noah Kurt
Noah Kurt 2 days ago
Peyton shows no mercy god damn
Ken Smith
Ken Smith 2 days ago
Blake marked that shit tho😂🤣🤣
Matty Flow
Matty Flow 3 days ago
Did Baldwin write Griffins jokes?
Nathan Chartier
Nathan Chartier 3 days ago
No one: Absolutely no one: Peyton Manning: thank you
Yusuf Aibil
Yusuf Aibil 3 days ago
their tone ain’t the best but the roast is definitely legendary
Daniel Hill
Daniel Hill 4 days ago
Peyton's joke about Ann Coulter is the funniest roast I've ever heard.
Maven Frankeus
Maven Frankeus 5 days ago
Blake Griffin killed Kevin Spacey...
Bowling Dude
Bowling Dude 5 days ago
I can definitely see a Roast of... Nick Cannon
Shannon Bird
Shannon Bird 5 days ago
I think it's funny how some of these celebrities can dish it out but, the Expression on their faces says they can't.
JDXFrags 6 days ago
Dennis Rodman bombed so hard they didn’t even include him
Ryan McDonald
Ryan McDonald 6 days ago
What year was this Recorded? Cuz paul ain't on the clippers anymore
Mega Hydreigon
Mega Hydreigon 6 days ago
10:03 Track name?
I OFFER YOU THIS 6 days ago
kicked off Epsteins island for networking lmaooooo edit: just looked it up and the alex baldwin roast was one month after epstein died. at first i thought he pulled a seth mcfarlane at the oscars and made fun of weinstein before the whole thing unfolded, but it had just happened.
Tracy Lilly
Tracy Lilly 6 days ago
Peyton Manning is a f***ing savage.
Michael Angello
Michael Angello 6 days ago
Blake murdered the whole Jenner family in one sentence #Daddyissues
Riley Brennan
Riley Brennan 6 days ago
Blake is the funniest athlete
isaiah cervantes
isaiah cervantes 7 days ago
holy shit bru blake didn’t miss😭😭
Nathan Young
Nathan Young 7 days ago
Lol it's funny because at 10:45 I think blake griffin truly meant he was sorry 🤣🤣🤣
Dennel Wright
Dennel Wright 8 days ago
Blake was amazingly funny. Wow. Had me rolling on the floor.
Duke Edoho
Duke Edoho 8 days ago
Blake is a monster..😂😂😂
Nathaniel Balnao
Nathaniel Balnao 8 days ago
Mayweather definetely burn in this show😎👌😂
Anna Arnoldussen
Anna Arnoldussen 8 days ago
Payton Manning took it home omg
Brady Gagne
Brady Gagne 8 days ago
When Kevin stood next to Shaq Kevin was probably thinking “Dad?” 😂
cowhousbabybrd 9 days ago
i got rob lowe confused with rob riggle
Dominique Howard
Dominique Howard 9 days ago
Peyton is brilliaint!!
Michael Alvis
Michael Alvis 9 days ago
Peyton needs to be a regular on these dang Roasts... Seriously. He’s hilarious
Vince Carpenter
Vince Carpenter 9 days ago
XBeastieX KillerX
Payton for president
John Zello
John Zello 9 days ago
caitlyn jenner and sara silverman take roasts like no body else its so impressive
Chris Alvarez
Chris Alvarez 10 days ago
David spade definitely cried in the car
Jeff Brown
Jeff Brown 10 days ago
Who is crazy lady at 14:04?
Jeff Brown
Jeff Brown 10 days ago
Blake’s the best one on here simply because he wrote his own material and it was genuinely good. None of the others did that.
Kaalen 10 days ago
The one takeaway from this is, after Basketball, Blake Griffin needs to go on the road. Seriously. Good timing.
Luke 11 days ago
Blake griffin oh my god dude
Stephen Chase
Stephen Chase 11 days ago
I'm #Happy for you, why? Because you are almost ready to earn 10,300,000 subscribers and an impressing 5,800,000,000 worldwide views!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Luke Clifton
Luke Clifton 11 days ago
I feel like Ann Coulter just walked in and didn’t know where she was or what was going on.
cokesquirrel 11 days ago
99% sure All of these guys had multiple Writers to do their material, That being said, All 3 absolutely killed on the delivery.Even if you have good jokes if you can't deliver them It might suck anyway
R M 11 days ago
I remember when these use to be savage, actual comedians that wrecked people. Kind of like what Blake did my goodness that man scorched them.
Music Nation
Music Nation 11 days ago
Peyton and Blake are damn good Blake destroyed the Jenner's 🤣🤣🤣
ScarsOfWisdom 11 days ago
Damn i can't help feeling bad for Nikki she really liked Blake and actually wanted to "hang out" with him after the show lol 😅🤣🤷🏽‍♂️
Kaegen Henry
Kaegen Henry 12 days ago
Bro Blake griffin is a violator
Bit Official
Bit Official 12 days ago
Payton Manning just keep saying thank you
Matthew Rhodes
Matthew Rhodes 12 days ago
Peyton Manning’s set😂😂
String Bean
String Bean 12 days ago
Spade started to get embarrassed by Manning! 😆loser
Ed Derek
Ed Derek 12 days ago
People who wrote jokes for them did a good job.
Josh Levin
Josh Levin 12 days ago
Shaq is the man
Anthony Brown
Anthony Brown 12 days ago
Rob Lowes whole roast was a wholesome one. Its the only brief moment in time I actually wanted people to pull back from Anne. Suicide is real smh
CessieNatasha 12 days ago
No hockey stars?
TSUNKYOT 123 12 days ago
Blake Griffin just completely destroyed everyone
Thoms Fauk
Thoms Fauk 12 days ago
"I'm sorry, I was nice to you earlier" lmfao
BigProffits 12 days ago
Holy shit blake killed it.. Wow.
G G 13 days ago
Blake ate that shit honestly I know he has writers but the delivery was niiiice
G G 13 days ago
The Russell brand line was 🔥🔥🔥
Kilian Dietz
Kilian Dietz 13 days ago
Blake Griffin chose violence that night
Zombie3110bd 13 days ago
Seems like noone is hungry to roast Jeff Ross 😂
Jackson Gibbon
Jackson Gibbon 13 days ago
“I’m gonna give it to you straight, witch I knew is new to you” oh my😂😂
Jack Young
Jack Young 13 days ago
Remember when people invite Blake Griffin
Cesar M.
Cesar M. 13 days ago
Blake Griffin killed it
Jake Daballa
Jake Daballa 13 days ago
blake griffin took that personally
George Washington
George Washington 13 days ago
David Spade seemed legitimately bothered by Peytons jokes 😂😂
Julian Burns
Julian Burns 13 days ago
He was mad that peyton was funnier than him
Corey Cogan
Corey Cogan 13 days ago
Keep them Morbid names out of your fucking mouth!(Blake11:21)
Jordan Norris
Jordan Norris 13 days ago
Cmon Peyton Manning was pretty fuccn good
Dafydd Coleman
Dafydd Coleman 13 days ago
That Epstein joke 💀
Xavage Kfa
Xavage Kfa 14 days ago
Blake griffin was fire
PokerJunkie83 14 days ago
You know Blake deep down enjoyed roasting Bruce.. I mean Caitlyn 😂😂😂
Marc Schoenhals
Marc Schoenhals 14 days ago
Peyton’s Brady line was legendary 😂
Mondli Mathonsi
Mondli Mathonsi 14 days ago
Blake Griffin was too savage 🤣🤣🤣🔥🔥🔥
Joe 14 days ago
“Ya look like Nephew Jemimah” 💀💀💀
Sebastian Saona
Sebastian Saona 14 days ago
Goddamn Peyton Manning is tearing everyone up
Osvaldo Hernandez
Osvaldo Hernandez 14 days ago
I have a business degree from Arizona State 😂
elle haynes
elle haynes 10 days ago
You read good.
Jackson Williams
Jackson Williams 14 days ago
All of these are hilarious
Bob Bob
Bob Bob 14 days ago
You can tell David spade was hurt by Peytons roast
Iam LordPablo
Iam LordPablo 14 days ago
Blake Griffin is a menace and he must be stopped 💀😭
Paul 14 days ago
Woowwww I actually laughed throughout the whole video🤣🤣🤣
Eddy Gutierrez
Eddy Gutierrez 14 days ago
Holy fuck, Blake Griffin didn't miss a damn BEAT!!! Whoever wrote his jokes, goddamn you did good!!
Slick Rick
Slick Rick 10 days ago
@Obesus yeah his humor is super dark lol
Obesus 10 days ago
@Slick Rick Jeselnik literally never got anything into the final program on Fallon because his jokes were too dark. Just a fun fact.
Slick Rick
Slick Rick 10 days ago
@Jay Gee Anthony Jesselnik and Whitney Cummings used to write for past roasts as well. I think Jesselnik wrote for Fallon too.
Slick Rick
Slick Rick 10 days ago
@Jay Gee yeah you're 100 percent right, but all i said was Blake does stand up comedy in his free time , so if anything some of those jokes were probably his and if anything he got help with joke structure delivery and flow and yes , alot of the writers help non comedians . Either way Comedy Central roasts are funny and we need another one soon.
Jay Gee
Jay Gee 10 days ago
@Slick Rick Every single person up there that isn’t a comedian have their jokes written by Comedy Central writers . I thought it was well known at this point. Seth Myers used to be one of those writers and I think Jeff Ross writes for the celebrities too .
Ace 05
Ace 05 15 days ago
15:24 is that alternatino
Denil l
Denil l 15 days ago
Blake really killed that!🤣🤣🤧
AidenScott42 15 days ago
Pete is the imposter among them 😭
Matt Salotti
Matt Salotti 15 days ago
The Sun of God
The Sun of God 15 days ago
When Shaq got out of that chair GAAAAW DAAAAAM!
George Nelson
George Nelson 15 days ago
All 3 were amazing. But Blake's comment about half the NBA and Rappers loving Jenner's daughters was gold.
Jake 16 days ago
The nation wide pun was a gem
Jordy 16 days ago
Shaq takes the cake
Nate Farrington
Nate Farrington 16 days ago
Blake went off
Leön Sangäla
Leön Sangäla 16 days ago
Griffin takes the athlete roaster award :)
Double A
Double A 15 days ago
Idk man. He had the easiest target by far with Kaitlyn. Peyton threw heat on a much tougher cast. But they all did well. I’d go Peyton, Blake, Shaq. But they’re were all funny.
Ed Dixon
Ed Dixon 16 days ago
Peyton’s Jimmy Carr roast is one the only times I’ve ever seen someone come back at Jimmy
Get Durant on this 🔥🔥🔥
Drew Copene
Drew Copene 17 days ago
I thought Payton went hard, but Blake is the MAN. HE should have starred in Space Jam 2, not James, not Curry. Griffen is a good actor, and funny as hell.
KennyTheBeast 17 days ago
Watching this now when they don’t suck 😂
Paki Fighter
Paki Fighter 17 days ago
Wherever Shaq goes, he mentions his rings.
Angelica Ramirez
Angelica Ramirez 17 days ago
Where are Mike Tyson (Roast of Charlie Sheen), Hulk Hogan( Roast of David Hasselholf),and Dennis Rodman( Roast of Bruce Willis).
Isaac R
Isaac R 15 days ago
I physically wouldn't be able to watch Rodmans set again
Juke Box
Juke Box 17 days ago
Damn Payton gots a giant forehead
Mitch Splittstoesser
Peyton Manning walking up to the mic like "its time to fuck up everyone's day"
16 Hundred
16 Hundred 18 days ago
Blake’s humor is so crude 😭☠️☠️☠️