The Dark Side of Children’s Song Writing (feat. Joe Kwaczala) - 21 for ‘21 

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A writer’s room brainstorm meeting for a children’s song proves to be highly stressful.
21 for '21! Comedian Joe Kwaczala is dropping 21 new comedy videos today and raising money for East Hollywood Mutual Aid. Head over to Joe's twitter ( joekjoek) to follow along and for the link to donate.
Directed by Daniel J. Clark
Written by Joe Kwaczala
Produced by Daniel J. Clark & Joe Kwaczala
Featuring Joe Kwaczala, Dave Horwitz, Sara June, Shawn Kenji Pearlman
Associate Producer - Caroline Clark
Director of Photography - Daniel Clark
Animation - Mike Lloyd
Music - Yoo Soo Kim & Joe Kwaczala
Color - Jeff Altman
Special thanks to Michael Tucker
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Mar 15, 2021




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Comments 20   
Little Woodshop
Little Woodshop 29 days ago
Very funny
foodishqqq Month ago
I want pet and kele 🥳
Chris Martinez
Chris Martinez Month ago
And this is why comdey Central sucks.
Hunks Prince TV
Hunks Prince TV Month ago
So fun and improving for kids hehehe thanks keep safe everyone
Thick Tones
Thick Tones Month ago
I like it👍😂
Comment Highlighted
Good uplifting space show 🙂
Tim Brown
Tim Brown Month ago
Haha is that the Dan Harmon story circle behind Joe? 🤣
Raul Ermi Alexandrescu
Straight facts 🤷‍♂️
Jack McGuire
Jack McGuire Month ago
I dont get it. And that guy needs to shave his head, he's going bald.
Bam Bueno
Bam Bueno Month ago
Clearly this is a metaphor for our broken healthcare system.
Slick Elsperth
Slick Elsperth Month ago
These have all been great.
Gregg Lamond
Gregg Lamond Month ago
I think the rocket would have burnt up in re-entry, but I'll keep that to myself.
Fritz Gooberman
Fritz Gooberman Month ago
This is 1000% every writer's room.
Horatio Stepanaur
I heard that Barney had a real coke problem.
Fritz Gooberman
Fritz Gooberman Month ago
That's what killed all the dinosaurs.
LittleEvie Moscano
well this is now in my head!
Galiel Karmi
Galiel Karmi Month ago
Galiel Karmi
Galiel Karmi Month ago
K lol
driftking o6
driftking o6 Month ago
Kevin Venegas
Kevin Venegas Month ago
Sp9ce Music
Sp9ce Music Month ago
What.... did .... I just ... fucking .... watch
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