The Harshest Burns from the Roast of Rob Lowe 

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David Spade, Nikki Glaser, Peyton Manning and more made the Roast of Rob Lowe an extra firey one.
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Mar 21, 2021




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Comments 99   
cullermann2 3 hours ago
Jesus CHRIST i knew that when Jimmy Carr took the mic he's gonna burn people alive but this one he knocked out of the fucking park
Winchester - My Best Friend
I love that Ann got totally TRASHED in this video. Classic stuff.
Ryan Crowe
Ryan Crowe 17 hours ago
Ann look like she boutta start a 3rd world war
kiera g
kiera g Day ago
ann was so hurt the whole time 🤣🤣🤣
Ethan Turrano
Pete Davidson is the the ultimate good sport..... except his shit all over Ann Coulter
Lesly STMHP Day ago
I love how in every roast episode that David comes out there’s always a joke about his dad💀💀💀
Davy Villano
Davy Villano Day ago
oh my GOD
Davy Villano
Davy Villano Day ago
Parampal Singh
This is either the best roast of all time or the worst
Kayla D
Kayla D Day ago
Poor Ann
Lebruh Day ago
Real tile: The roast of Ann coulter
Kidd OnA Tripp
This is more like the roast of Ann coulter
NØT Z E E K 2 days ago
Clickbait! This is the roast of Ann Coulter not Rob Lowe!
Robin Swallows
Robin Swallows 2 days ago
Ann Coulter, meanwhile, is rich, bitches lol
Carrot on the run
Rob is a piece of Hollywood shit too. The type who's your friend til you're getting your ass beat. Then tucks tail and runs. I always like him. Now. Just a playground bully.
Carrot on the run
The left...open the borders! We need children!
Carrot on the run
The left have a hive mentality. Each looking at each other for approval in how hateful they were to someone who disagrees with them. None having no clue
Carrot on the run
Ann roasted that entire dais of leftist has beens by remaining calm and knowing they were idiots. Jewel, darling. You've not been relevant in 2 decades. Please stop. You made an absolute ass of yourself Oh the compassionate loving left.
name 2 days ago
3:58 quick feature in the background
anonymus dude
anonymus dude 2 days ago
Was this the roast of Rob Lowe or Ann Coulter
Lamara Leachman
Lamara Leachman 3 days ago
Holy shit....i actually feel sorry 4 Coulter. That being said, every single burn is effing classic.
maurice22ravel 3 days ago
Typical Ann Coulter, she always has to make it all about herself... 😅
Shrey Anand
Shrey Anand 4 days ago
rob lowe looks like mark rober
Ryder Moses
Ryder Moses 4 days ago
What would an ann coulter roast even look like?
Brianna M.
Brianna M. 4 days ago
the insults abt ann coulter are just facts 💀
Ayomiro 4 days ago
The Rob Lowe Roast: With each joke, Ann Coulter smiles less. XD.
miyo james
miyo james 4 days ago
ann coulter deserved all the shit she got during this roast and i really hope none of the jokes were actual jokes😭😭
Maddy Bradley
Maddy Bradley 4 days ago
Svea Jones
Svea Jones 4 days ago
Anyone else see Ann Coulter shaking when she was getting roasted, you knew what she was about to say going up to that pedestal 😭 homie was about to snap
Peter Pan
Peter Pan 5 days ago
*the roast of Ann Coulter*
MisAdventures NM
MisAdventures NM 5 days ago
The Comedy Central Roast of Ann Coulter with Rob Lowe
Chiara Not Really
Ann coulter look like she dont get what happening.
Javin Hernandez
Javin Hernandez 5 days ago
Ann was so fucking upset 😂😂😂😂
Agreivance 5 days ago
And is going to make a book called Disrespect: the art of a liberal
Scythe 6 days ago
the best part was “oh that was dope”
nadia 6 days ago
ann coulter literally looks like she never knows what's going on
ZøSø 6 days ago
I feel like Jewel is too damn precious to be roasted like that like damn lol 😭
Rainee May
Rainee May 6 days ago
why does Ann even keep coming to these 😭
daddy deodorant
daddy deodorant 6 days ago
This was just the roast of Ann Coulter and I love it a lot. She just sat there with the same face, shaking.
April 21.....oh my god........ma mia....... I love so much...................................... .............................................................. Portugal...................Smile....................
Kat M
Kat M 6 days ago
Who's....Who's Ann Coulter?
TheFly212 5 days ago
A hack neo con writer and Trumper.
Omar 6 days ago
Really wish we would’ve seen David Spades “it looks like she’s having a good time, I haven’t seen you laugh this hard since Trayvon Martin got shot” as he’s introducing Ann Coulter 😭
Romeo S23
Romeo S23 7 days ago
Damn I truly feel bad for Ann Coulter lol 😂
Joe Dunphy
Joe Dunphy 7 days ago
Jewel’s joke about Ralph Macchio was lowkey the best executed joke
Jeff Moore
Jeff Moore 7 days ago
This was a very revealing roast by Hollywood do nothing leaches. Everyone of these washed up celebrities is scared to death of Coulter. All they can do is call her a racist. How funny..............
Shahed Qasemi
Shahed Qasemi 7 days ago
I feel bad for ann
Kelzzo 7 days ago
jimmy carr did way better than i thought he would've
just a guy on the internet
Say what you will about ann coulter, she handled her roast pretty well.
Tessa Ziegler
Tessa Ziegler 7 days ago
I just wanna know who's idea it was to have Ann Coulter there 😂😂😂
Carrot on the run
Look at Mr. Look at me! I'm more left than you!
Carrot on the run
I love that Ann earns ten times more than any of these has beens. And is actually relevant.
Carrot on the run
Ann cool as a cucumber. Realizing the desperation. Jewel was an embarrassment
Carrot on the run
The wonderful loving left.
Nicholas DeDea
Nicholas DeDea 8 days ago
I know I’m pointing out something random, but I’m surprised people still have the Pieces of You cassette
Mugure Mwangi
Mugure Mwangi 8 days ago
Bro her face at 5:54 is scary
Amolak Dhaliwal
Amolak Dhaliwal 8 days ago
i didn’t get the Kentucky derby joke??? Can anybody explain.
Bong appétit
Bong appétit 8 days ago
these three blond girls look like the 3 stages of my LA teachers mid life crisis
A Seyed
A Seyed 8 days ago
It’s so hard to roast Ralph macchio, such a nice dude.
JAD SEWAISEH 8 days ago
Damn. I would feel bad for Ann Coulter but then I remember I don’t want to do I don’t
Tyler Kushuba
Tyler Kushuba 8 days ago
Holy fucking shit idk this Ann chick but man! 🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣
Eliza Hildenbrand
ann counter glaring at rob riggle was way too great
Matthew Cohen
Matthew Cohen 9 days ago
Ann wouldn’t laugh at anything lol
ye 7158
ye 7158 9 days ago
The distinct conga previously snore because poppy isely replace until a upset caravan. uptight, nippy course
Dejah Clowney
Dejah Clowney 9 days ago
Anne is plotting, y’all better watch out😭💀
Isai da Thesta
Isai da Thesta 9 days ago
If it's a phone it's broken😂😂
Thomas Jackson
Thomas Jackson 9 days ago
I am sorry but this was the roast of Ann Coulter
Jordan R
Jordan R 9 days ago
Ann getting dragged through the ringer 😂😂😂😂😂
Eric Spangenberg
Eric Spangenberg 9 days ago
Man. I almost felt bad for Ann Coulter there... I didn't in the end, but for a moment, I waivered.
Srga91 9 days ago
2:01 is just brilliant 😂
Andrew Bucchino
Andrew Bucchino 9 days ago
the chris farley one was a little to far
Joseph An
Joseph An 9 days ago
3:35 yo she’s literally shaking...
Jackson Gamber
Jackson Gamber 9 days ago
I think it’s funny most of the harshest are just abt Ann Coulter
Joshua Spencer
Joshua Spencer 9 days ago
“Telling people to kill them selves isn’t ok” also liberals 8:14
Joshua Spencer
Joshua Spencer 9 days ago
I feel so bad for Ann
Arley cheyanne Dick
Thanks for the compilation of the roast of Ann Coulter.
flowerhobi 9 days ago
Oh so this is what Arianas boyfriend does
Thicc Lips
Thicc Lips 9 days ago
Poor ann
Im Stillcool
Im Stillcool 10 days ago
I know their supposed to “roast” but using the same joke about Pete’s dad dying isn’t really that funny
Damien ptsd
Damien ptsd 10 days ago
ann did not want to be there
Ethan Hart
Ethan Hart 10 days ago
I’m already knowing Ann cried all the way home man that was brutal 😭
daniru rajapaksha
daniru rajapaksha 10 days ago
kay 10 days ago
and Ann Coulter definitely took this all very personally.
Luke Valor
Luke Valor 11 days ago
This turned from a rob lowe roast to an Ann coulter roast.
Seamus Odonoghue
Seamus Odonoghue 11 days ago
Pete Davidson shit on Ann coulters life hahahaha
Tyler Badibanga
Tyler Badibanga 11 days ago
Anne coulters villain backstory is forming in this video
Charlie 44
Charlie 44 11 days ago
I actually don’t know who Ann coulter is and I was starting to feel bad but then realised there’s some reasoning behind these roasts lol
Nora Robin
Nora Robin 11 days ago
Ann is shaking every time her names comes up
PRØPHET 11 days ago
Who thought ann coulter could be funny or take a joke?
23pounce 11 days ago
Why the piss did Ann Coulter even show up for that? Every burn makes her upset. What did she expect? Hollywood is so blue, and Ann is too red to make purple there.
gaurav gupta
gaurav gupta 11 days ago
How come this compilation not include Jeff Ross' bit? Someone clearly messed up.
Paul Sterkowitz
Paul Sterkowitz 11 days ago
Damn, like they really had me feeling bad for Ann like fuck dude
Brutus M.
Brutus M. 12 days ago
Ah! Chris Traeger! I bet he was so anxious his heart rate went all the way up to 40!
Rebecca Slater
Rebecca Slater 12 days ago
Ann Coulter just looks like she is so offended by all of these roasts
Mackenzie Waskin
Mackenzie Waskin 12 days ago
I love jewel
ryan manoo
ryan manoo 12 days ago
Why do they hate her so much? Idk her😂
Sky Waller
Sky Waller 12 days ago
Bulmaro Contreras
Bulmaro Contreras 13 days ago
David spade crushed! Pete is not funny 🤷🏽‍♂️
Guest 1937
Guest 1937 13 days ago
Has anyone seen the part when Pete Davidson reacted to ann coulters joke?
Praneeth Duggirala
Praneeth Duggirala 13 days ago
Loved rob riggle in modfam he's good here aswell