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Pete Davidson and Martha Stewart destroy Justin Bieber, and Nikki Glaser takes the win. (Contains strong language.)
About Hall of Flame: Top 100 Roast Moments:
Host Nikki Glaser counts down the harshest Roast burns ever along with surprise guests, all week long, starting Monday, March 29 at 10/9c.
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Apr 3, 2021




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Comments 79   
Jesse Garrison
Jesse Garrison 6 days ago
Some women are funny. Not this one
Duncan Jarvis
Duncan Jarvis 8 days ago
The best one has to be when Jeff Ross said "How the hell does Kurt Cobain look better than Courtney Love?" 🤣🤣
jonah hoff
jonah hoff 8 days ago
Wait the Roast where everyone went in on Ann Coulter wasnt the top 1? Best roast moment in the last 5 years.
Donell Muniz
Donell Muniz 13 days ago
The best Roast ever, in whole, was Flava Flav's. Savagely funny, from start to finish. I loved Pamela's too, except for her weird ass hairdo.
Donell Muniz
Donell Muniz 13 days ago
They should make a list of the Top 5 WORST performances by a roaster. I know Steve-o and The Situation would be the top 2.
Steven Regul
Steven Regul 13 days ago
Shes not funny
Wigadama 14 days ago
If you are feeling sad just remember that the sun is always alone and it still shines ✨😌❤️
iamOK tv
iamOK tv 15 days ago
Face it man, Comedy Central officially sucks now man
Buttality 15 days ago
No one needs the break down of a funny joke.
F 15 days ago
So Nikki Glaser repeating that she thinks Blake Griffin is hot is somehow better than Greg Giraldo's roasts...and every other roast.. ok...
David Showmaker
David Showmaker 15 days ago
If you're not showing Roast from the Dean Martin era then forget get it because this new crap is garbage!
Garrison 15 days ago
And then when he said that ice t was so old that the first thing he naught with his record money was his freedom
Garrison 15 days ago
When Giraldo said that flavor flav looks like a skeleton wrapped in electrical tape....
Ljubisa Nedimovic
Ljubisa Nedimovic 15 days ago
1. Gilbert roasting Roseane 2. Jeff Ross roasting Hasselhoff 3. Jeff Ross roasting Bruce Willis
buang420 15 days ago
Greg giraldo flavor flav roast, lisa lampineli flavor flav roast and patrice oneal charlie sheen roast in any order
G scott
G scott 16 days ago
Terrible effing choices comedy central
W M 16 days ago
These clips would be better without the commentary by comedians.
Donell Muniz
Donell Muniz 13 days ago
Yeah, and why were all the males gay?? They couldn't find one straight male comedian? C'mon, man.
Dirty Bert Murgle
Dirty Bert Murgle 16 days ago
Terrible list
Metallica101ftw 16 days ago
Jesus christ that was the most depressing Top 3 I have ever seen
R. Dinesh
R. Dinesh 16 days ago
Nicki Glazer! Definitely Yes👍💯 Blake joke! Definitely Not👎😭
Binoy Mathew
Binoy Mathew 16 days ago
Let's just agree to disagree then.
Jimmy Johnson
Jimmy Johnson 16 days ago
Huge L for 1
CPS CPS 16 days ago
Blake Griffin is a funny looking dude.
Donell Muniz
Donell Muniz 13 days ago
Cross eyed. Funny shaped head. Kinda looks like a 7 foot Cabbage Patch kid. 🤣
loveforeignaccents 16 days ago
Can't stand Pete Davidson, so I'll see myself out.
Decent balderas
Decent balderas 16 days ago
I like how instead of just giving regular commentary Sam Morril felt the need to set up one of his jokes What a fucking try hard
Alexis C
Alexis C 16 days ago
Her best roast moment was taking Ann Coulter apart
Rob Lowe
Rob Lowe 16 days ago
This list finished way wrong. . . Greg and Patrice
Donell Muniz
Donell Muniz 13 days ago
Yep, and Ross, and Lampanelli, were all savagely funny.
John Herzfeld
John Herzfeld 16 days ago
Acting like the Denis Leary roast doesn't exist.
Hebrew Hooligan
Hebrew Hooligan 16 days ago
Dude Luda dose have some great skin!??? Never noticed that before? Is it all makeup? He's godda be 40ish?
DaveyLeeRiot 16 days ago
Greg Giraldo roasting Flava Flav was the GOAT
Mary Contreras
Mary Contreras 16 days ago
That should not have been number 1 moment in roast history -_- it wasnt funny at all.
Reality Check
Reality Check 15 days ago
It's because she's a woman
T B 16 days ago
How could i see the whole list
immmelting 16 days ago
My favourite roast is Gilbert Gottfried roasting Rosanne.
big pp man
big pp man 16 days ago
Why is this edited like an American football breakdown
Zachary .M
Zachary .M 16 days ago
How are these the top 3? this is embarrassing.
Tamalita 82
Tamalita 82 17 days ago
Wack. The Roast of Flavor Flav, with the exception of Brigitte Nielsen, had some legends. Greg, Jeff, Lisa.
Evan AB
Evan AB 17 days ago
How is it possible that the 2 that is 2/3's of the top 3 roast bits be from Bieber's, justin bieber's roast? I find whatever formula was used to elect these top three is fatally flawed. Someone forgot to carry the 1 somewhere!
madison bell
madison bell 17 days ago
What’s the girl’s name at 5:12
Murad Diab
Murad Diab 14 days ago
@madison bell yup 👍🏼
madison bell
madison bell 14 days ago
@Murad Diab from Girl Code right?
Murad Diab
Murad Diab 16 days ago
Carly Aquilino. She was the one Pete was dating when he got on SNL.
Robert Rauch
Robert Rauch 17 days ago
did you even try?
Alexander Obi
Alexander Obi 17 days ago
Jeff Ross didn't make it to top 3? Meh!!!
Kuci F
Kuci F 17 days ago
Nikki Glaser top 1? this is April fools, right guys?
JB 17 days ago
Niki glaser is not funny
Darric 17 days ago
This list isn't good. Pete Davidson is the shit, for sure... and Martha Stewarts' roast was good.. but holy fuck, there are soooo many better roast spots. Fuck, even Carrot Top did better than these 3.
Darric 16 days ago
@Lyla Lolliberry Haha... he is so underrated. I love his particular brand of self deprecation.
Lyla Lolliberry
Lyla Lolliberry 16 days ago
@Darric I love comedy, too! My favorite stand up is Patton Oswalt.
Darric 16 days ago
@Lyla Lolliberry Humor is a funny thing. I LOVE comedy. However, there are some proven greats that don't make me laugh. Patrice O'neal for example. I can appreciate that there are comedians that ARE funny, that I just don't laugh at. Humor is totally subjective. However, as you said... its hard to argue that Jeff and Greg being superior in the roast game is anything but objective.
Lyla Lolliberry
Lyla Lolliberry 16 days ago
@Darric Yeah, I don't find Nikki Glaser funny at all. I do agree that Jeff is and Greg was the absolute best.
Darric 16 days ago
@Lyla Lolliberry Dude, I don't normally like his standard act. His roast on Flavor Flav was the shit. Any list that does not have Greg Giraldo or Jeff Ross is invalid as far as I am concerned. Nothing against Nikki, she is funny as well... but as far as roasts go, she is no Greg or Jeff.
Philly Reppin
Philly Reppin 17 days ago
Is it just me or is she not funny what so ever
Krwiomocz.Bogurodzicy Ⓥ
Tarun Chahar
Tarun Chahar 17 days ago
This is stupid.
Lyla Lolliberry
Lyla Lolliberry 17 days ago
Patton Oswalt on Flavor Flav: **sigh**...The Flavor of Love...I didn't know syphilis had a flavor. 🔥 🔥 🔥 🔥 🔥 🔥 🔥 🔥 🔥 🔥
rrivie 17 days ago
Greg Girlado will always be number one in my books.
Cyclops Was Right
Cyclops Was Right 16 days ago
Greg was really funny when he's alive, but Robin Williams had a much funnier suicide.
DaveyLeeRiot 16 days ago
No contest
Tyler Hackner
Tyler Hackner 17 days ago
Best roasts
MrCactus Dave
MrCactus Dave 17 days ago
Damn borther, really let Snopp Roasting Trump out of here? WTF
Tyler Hackner
Tyler Hackner 17 days ago
Love these roasts!
Harrison 17 days ago
I want to see jokes, not people reacting to jokes. Take this recycling content schtick back to vh1 I love the .
NE2WATTS ‘’ 17 days ago
1. Patrice flaming 🔥 Seth mcfarland “just say your gay 🤷‍♂️ “ 2. Greg giraldo flaming 🔥 Jeff foxworthy “that mustache came with ass chaps and nipple piercings” 3. Gilbert Godfrey flaming 🔥Bob saget (whole bid) 🤣🤣🤣🤣
emf 303
emf 303 13 days ago
@saar144 GtFO
saar144 16 days ago
Patrice?!? LOL such a hack
A E 17 days ago
these were the best roasts? really??? where tf is jeff ross? what is with the roasts of hasselhoff and shatner?
Dean Patterson
Dean Patterson 17 days ago
Greg Giraldo wasn't here? Bullshit
Rene Dvorsky
Rene Dvorsky 17 days ago
Charley Sheens roast was much better, Biber wasnt bad too...
Frances Bridges
Frances Bridges 17 days ago
Maybe. ... (dot, dot, dot) -cab
Brandi Wheaton
Brandi Wheaton 17 days ago
Besides Pete, I could've found better roast moments.
Donell Muniz
Donell Muniz 17 days ago
We all could. Out of THEIR "Top 100", about 50 were forgettable and lame.
Expat Rights
Expat Rights 17 days ago
This would have been better without the commentary.
Alexander Obi
Alexander Obi 17 days ago
😂 😂 😂 😂
YeeSoest 17 days ago
Y'all can talk about the order and all that, I'm laughing my ass off over here^^ The dead dad joke, the luda-boomer joke, martha stewart nailing the gobble...this is fantastic
jasobres 17 days ago
I think the #1 and #2 should've gone to Jeff Ross roasting Shatner: "Look at you! You've let yourself boldly go! When did you go from Captain Kirk to Captain Crunch? You left T.J. Hooker and went to P.F. Chang's! You work at Boston Legal or Boston Market?" and Lisa Lampanelli roasting Pam Anderson: "Pam Anderson is a legend! She dated Scott Baio and the lead singer from Poison and was married to the drummer from Motley Crue! Her life story should be a VH1 special called _I Fucked the 80's!"_ They also should've included some of the Friar's Club roasts Comedy Central did before they started doing their own roasts. My personal fave is Jeff Ross burning Drew Carey: "Drew Carey is to comedy what Mariah Carey is to comedy!"
Lyla Lolliberry
Lyla Lolliberry 17 days ago
Frankly I think it's insulting to include Nikki Glaser in the same league as those guys... she's rarely funny and not very clever.
Jerrad Van
Jerrad Van 17 days ago
Greg was the best
ChinaBill Chinese
ChinaBill Chinese 17 days ago
I am a you-tuber from China, God bless the kind American People
Donell Muniz
Donell Muniz 13 days ago
Oh shut up 🤣. Just kidding, bud. Have a nice day.
CUONG T KONG 17 days ago
Thanks for embarrassing me here in public.
DirtyBlackVanz __
DirtyBlackVanz __ 17 days ago
Sorry uhhh didn’t care for the commentary I’m just tryina laugh
rezthesphinx 17 days ago
Top 3? 🤣🤣🤣
リグビーRigby 17 days ago
Comedy Central ❤️❤️
Jackson Meya
Jackson Meya 17 days ago
US-first now trust me enough to make me one of the first 20 commenters . . ..I fear this power
H Dips
H Dips 17 days ago
Who else is here waiting for Patrice addressing these "nothings"?
Cyclops Was Right
Cyclops Was Right 16 days ago
Patrice had more talent in his left foot than any of these other roasters had in their whole bodies. Wait, not talent. Blood.
Antonio Mendiola
Antonio Mendiola 17 days ago
Patrice will forever be my favorite comic. Long Live Black Philip.
Yummy Food Secrets
Yummy Food Secrets 17 days ago
Rachel D
Rachel D 17 days ago
I love you @nikkiglaser
chicagocubs10601 17 days ago
Oh yeah I'm sure she had no idea until the end of the video 🙄
Lyla Lolliberry
Lyla Lolliberry 17 days ago
She's not even funny. It must stipulate in her contract with Comedy Central that her moment be "#1" on any list she does.
C F 17 days ago
So the best roast of all time was her complimenting Blake Griffin?
Frank Martinez
Frank Martinez 16 days ago
Roast moments aren't the same as roast jokes
big pp man
big pp man 16 days ago
He wrote the video
George Prewitt
George Prewitt 17 days ago
Big fan of nikki glaser bring back not safe puh lease
Empire Reviews Company
Who made the poll no Greg or fat guy
Matthew Giles
Matthew Giles 17 days ago
also wouldve loved to see a jeselnik or leggero clip in here
abbb282 17 days ago
What a dogsh1t top 3
Robert Magwood
Robert Magwood 17 days ago
Lokey facts the Pete Davidson one was the best one here
Donell Muniz
Donell Muniz 17 days ago
The Top 3 could and should have been ALL Greg Giraldo, blasting Flava Flav! "Skeleton wrapped in electrical tape"; "Idi Amin after a 3 day crack binge on the sun", etc.
emf 303
emf 303 13 days ago
@Tamalita 82 It would be so great to have Geraldo and Patrice's take on woke culture. They would have been able to cut straight through the BS and get to the core of the problem while making us laugh. Patrice would have been canceled every week but it wouldn't have worked because his loyal fans would have always been there to support him. We need their voices more than ever and it's truly heartbreaking that we lost them too soon.
Tamalita 82
Tamalita 82 13 days ago
@emf 303 Aaaarrrrrggghhhh!!!!!!! I miss Patrice, too!!!
emf 303
emf 303 13 days ago
Seriously. Martha Stewart is a legend but she's reading material that was written by someone else and her delivery was kinda stiff. She was funny but Jeff Ross and Patrice O'Neill wrote their own jokes and deserve that number two spot much more than Martha. And Nicki Glazer as number one? Seriously? She's kinda funny sometimes I guess but I don't think a single person would put her on a top 10 roast list. Comedy Central should have done a poll and let comedy fans decide. This video was nonsense. Who tf made this list?
Tamalita 82
Tamalita 82 17 days ago
I miss Greg Giraldo
Lyla Lolliberry
Lyla Lolliberry 17 days ago
That was EXACTLY what came to my mind! None of these moments even came close to that blistering Flava Flav roast, and frankly Greg Gerardo's weakest moment is funnier than Nikki Glaser's best.
Matthew Giles
Matthew Giles 17 days ago
why am i early to a CC video
Robert Magwood
Robert Magwood 17 days ago
Lol first
CUONG T KONG 13 days ago
@Robert Magwood 😁😎😁
Robert Magwood
Robert Magwood 13 days ago
CUONG T KONG 13 days ago
@Robert Magwood So far, no "gods" or pets can "calm" me down. Do you still want to give it a try?
Robert Magwood
Robert Magwood 13 days ago
@CUONG T KONG bro calm down
CUONG T KONG 16 days ago
@Robert Magwood I am so glad that you probably still don't know what sarcasm . . . or roasting is, even though this video is all about ROASTING! 😆