Tosh.0 the Musical 

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Broadway’s got nothing on Tosh.0.
About Tosh.0:
Hosted by comedian Daniel Tosh, Tosh.0 digs into all aspects of the internet, from the ingenious to the absurd to the downright stupid. Through segments like Web Redemption, CeWEBrity Profile and 20 Seconds on the Clock, Daniel sorts through videos of dumb people doing even dumber things and pinpoints the best (and worst) fails out there.

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Mar 18, 2021




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Comments 32   
Don Johnson
Don Johnson 26 days ago
Search for Its Brotten. Its a new US-first show featuring some of the best unknown Tik Toks. You're welcome
HerNameWasKarl Month ago
Angelo should really be doing stage musicals. That's where he'd shine best 🤩.
Ruby Doobie
Ruby Doobie Month ago
Taxi Dave = Fire
DEVIL WOLF Month ago
Shirtless guys @-@ buff guys... More
the Soft Revolution
The singing math guy is genius..
Liche Christ
Liche Christ Month ago
Simply stunning! I've not quite recovered.
Brian Omey
Brian Omey Month ago
I just realized tosh is gay. I think.
Nop Nop
Nop Nop 13 days ago
nah he has a wife
Baudilaire Month ago
Buff, is that you? Only reason I clicked. Had to make sure 😹
Liche Christ
Liche Christ Month ago
Yeah, that's what they all say ...
Paul Geary
Paul Geary Month ago
So STUPID 😂😂😂😂😂😂
Ron Witek
Ron Witek Month ago
Worst episode ever
Ron Witek
Ron Witek Month ago
This is whack as fuck
SkratchMeBB Month ago
Try watching this with no volume
Throbbing Wiener
Clicked because of buffcorrell
kassia pencek
kassia pencek Month ago
This montage highlighted your dance moves so uniquely I loved it.
Liche Christ
Liche Christ Month ago
I thought that was Fred Astaire, ...for a brief, fleeting moment.
The Russian Bear
So is he UN-canceled yet?
I, Joseph Joestar, Have a joke
Never watched a tosh episode, but if I see buffcorrell I click
Liche Christ
Liche Christ Month ago
Oh, you big easy. We got your number.
June Angel
June Angel Month ago
I didn't know tosh got cancelled.. That's crazy
Amanda Dezirae Aragon
It did? 😅
Will Kriss
Will Kriss Month ago
Lmfaoooo @Tosh please keep up this amazing content
June Angel
June Angel Month ago
What what in the BUT . hahahahaha I'm dying over here..😂😂😂😂💥💀
Liche Christ
Liche Christ Month ago
June- Where do you want us to send your corpse?
Jorge RH
Jorge RH Month ago
Buff correl at 15:43
I, Joseph Joestar, Have a joke
Exactly what I was looking for, thanks
Rangdajied Nongbet
Yoo can't believe buffcorrell to showed up in here...man a legend..
Welcome to Hamton!
I'm only here because I saw my man in the thumbnail.
Liche Christ
Liche Christ Month ago
@Rangdajied Nongbet- Shirley you jest? But this is his perfect medium I tell ya!
mely punjab dy
mely punjab dy Month ago
Beautiful ❤️
mely punjab dy
mely punjab dy Month ago
mely punjab dy
mely punjab dy Month ago
Extreme Lube
Extreme Lube Month ago
This was almost as good as Kevin Spacey's Youth Wrestling Academy the musical.
Trever Farted
Trever Farted Month ago
What am I watching right now
Adnan Hammaoui
Adnan Hammaoui Month ago
there was already 5 likes and no vues, HOW?!
Vykros Month ago
ive seen a single views on some videos with already 100 likes
Just Jalonik
Just Jalonik Month ago
I was here at 10 seconds and I saw nobody
rap Music
rap Music Month ago
Love your videos keep up the good work
Skredbeam Month ago
Bring Back Tosh!
Tyler Hackner
Tyler Hackner Month ago
Nice! 👍
Chris Zimmerman
Chris Zimmerman Month ago
Cant believe tosh got cancelled
Liche Christ
Liche Christ Month ago
Well seriously, none of us is promised tomorrow. Ain't you never learned that?
Joe Huber
Joe Huber Month ago
YO MAMA so Slimy