Watch the Smash Man Emotionally Destroy His Audience Members (feat. Joe Kwaczala) - 21 for ‘21 

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The Smash Man (Joe Kwaczala) brings his audience members onstage just to crush their spirits.
21 for '21! Comedian Joe Kwaczala is dropping 21 new comedy videos today and raising money for East Hollywood Mutual Aid. Head over to Joe's Twitter ( joekjoek) to follow along and for the link to donate.
Directed by Daniel J. Clark
Written by Joe Kwaczala
Produced by Daniel J. Clark & Joe Kwaczala
Featuring Joe Kwaczala, Joe Hospodor, Rachel Staman, James Austin Johnson
Associate Producer - Caroline Clark
Director of Photography - Terrance Stewart
Assistant Camera - Jake Bradbury
Camera Production Assistant - Isobella Antellis
Production Assistant - Alex Waxenbaum
Music - Yoo Soo Kim
Color - Jeff Altman
Special thanks to Dynasty Typewriter
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Mar 15, 2021




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Comments 50   
Harris Alterman
Harris Alterman 25 days ago
this is great
Xander Thomas
Xander Thomas Month ago
This felt like an hour
Buckeye Believer
This would be my favorite show if it were real
noel hutchins
noel hutchins Month ago
Quack-zilla really dude?
noel hutchins
noel hutchins Month ago
You were only given chances to fail: Boomers raised you to cater their golden-years; but they wrote-that-off and bought up anything of equity to lease to you, supporting themselves until medical costs exceed your budget for rent.
francois gibon
francois gibon Month ago
I never rewatch comedy skits because once the shock value is gone, it's never as funny. Watched this three times.
Mr. Wookiesack
Mr. Wookiesack Month ago
My inner voice smashes me emotionally every day!
Came back riding comment box
joey8k Month ago
funny... this guy reminds me of my dad
self discarded king of ruin 72
Thought it was Gallagher at first
I love it.
Charles Lane
Charles Lane Month ago
The SCP Foundation keeps a close watch on this one for he is (Keter class) only containment that could stop him is a mirror as he is smashing people emotionally he will end up smashing himself for a unspecified amount of time and then he will reappear again
austin Y
austin Y Month ago
First time seeing this dude I’m on live lmaoo
Basti Pear
Basti Pear Month ago
Holy fuck
Ishmael Farrugia
We're is blark and son
Mirage Main
Mirage Main Month ago
Every single volunteer after their part: Pain
Aaron Nance
Aaron Nance Month ago
What Is This ???
steve jones
steve jones Month ago
1:16 bye
Bam Bueno
Bam Bueno Month ago
This is like an early Stephen King novel, and i mean that in the best way possible.
UbermanPrime Month ago
He looks exactly like Arin Hanson
Slick Elsperth
Slick Elsperth Month ago
This was really smashing! Thank you goodnight.
Horatio Stepanaur
Can't spell this dude's name to save my life but he's hilarious.
LittleEvie Moscano
OMG this was so freaking funny and unexpected.
Blukey Month ago
how do i get a skit done by comedy central cuz im pretty funny
Mme M-H
Mme M-H Month ago
Flashback! Thought we were going to be smashing watermelons... But this guy is One Funny Fellow!🎉
Ogr Bell
Ogr Bell Month ago
Me and the boys say worse shit than this. Meh
Frost Burns
Frost Burns Month ago
No respect for this hugh thumbs down.
ComedyCentral Intern
@Frost Burns well, let's shut down the company!
Mike Carrozza
Mike Carrozza Month ago
@Frost Burns lol what a friggin dweeb.
Frost Burns
Frost Burns Month ago
And unsubscribed bbbbyyyyeeee..
Alex Fleming
Alex Fleming Month ago
This was odd.
Derek Mason
Derek Mason Month ago
Bro that first one hit home... ouch
D.L. Jennings
D.L. Jennings Month ago
He did what he came to do. Now you can rest, Smash Man. Now you can rest.
Ducc Month ago
This brings me anxiety
Ducc Month ago
This brings me fear
William Bush
William Bush Month ago
Ok this was stupid as hell
S Ruzario
S Ruzario Month ago
A lost episode of Black Mirror
Tyler Hackner
Tyler Hackner Month ago
Love this guy
Comical Realm Animations
No one: Audience: *_Smash People Emotionally_*
Gooby Plz
Gooby Plz Month ago
featuring who? LMAO just leave that itty bit out
CLB30ROX Month ago
This guy is a genius 👍🏽👍🏽
David Guapo
David Guapo Month ago
I thought this was Gallagher 😂 I was wasn't wrong
Mme M-H
Mme M-H Month ago
Deja vu 🍉
M McD Month ago
Only a small percentage who view your comment will be old enough to understand the Gallagher reference
Redi D
Redi D Month ago
🤔 🤔 is this thing real? .... talk about getting a taste of your own medicine.
chichiboo17 Month ago
You will not make it in life if you thought this was real. I wish you nothing but luck dim one
Tyler Hackner
Tyler Hackner Month ago
This man 😂
Yummy Food Secrets
Idon'texist Month ago
Clicked on this by mistake and was pleasantly surprised and highly entertained
Mary Barry
Mary Barry Month ago
Never heard of this guy before...... ...
MrMesengr Month ago
Kinda dumb
KanDoAllThings Month ago
Not kinda, it is
Daniel Deherrera
Eat my burger
Dark Angel -
Dark Angel - Month ago
Dark Angel -
Dark Angel - Month ago
Muaawiyah Sulaman
This man scares me