Who Will Chris Evans Text First, Anthony Mackie or Sebastian Stan? - Stir Crazy with Josh Horowitz 

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Anthony Mackie and Sebastian Stan see who can get a text back from Chris Evans first, try to identify Marvel actors by their butts, and play Would You Rather.
00:00 Anthony Mackie and Sebastian Stan join Josh for a new Stir Crazy
00:38 What is Anthony and Sebastian's preferred combined nickname?
01:18 Who is the better friend of Chris Evans? The two test it out by texting him at the same time to see who he replies to first
02:00 Josh has the guys guess whose butt is whose in a picture game called "Avengers Ass-emble"
3:21 Chris Evans texts back
04:59 Anthony and Sebastian are asked to answer which of them are better at certain things and tests their acting abilities
09:17 Josh asks Anthony and Sebastian some tough "Would You Rather..." questions
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Mar 23, 2021




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Comedy Central
Comedy Central 27 days ago
Watch more Stir Crazy with Josh Horowitz right here: us-first.info/player/video/ZpWBqYt1qaurmIU.html
chris lee
chris lee 7 days ago
Erik Santino stfu
X Æ A-Xii
X Æ A-Xii 8 days ago
Laurence J.
Laurence J. 21 day ago
that's so great !
Deena Behrens
Deena Behrens 21 day ago
I’m so glad you
Deena Behrens
Deena Behrens 21 day ago
I’m I just got got home from the hospital 🏥 is a going to to get a little
SunSet Rivers
SunSet Rivers Hour ago
There are times when the person doing the interview makes things weird. This is one of them, i think.
IMA 9 hours ago
Mackie has some of that joker laugh 🃏 😂
43 Vaibhavi Shrivastava
Josh is a gift to the world
Eatinggamer 39
Eatinggamer 39 13 hours ago
These two are incredible
moamashups 18 hours ago
of course, mackie would guess scarlett's ass in a sec, she's a black widow fan.
hunter lincoln
hunter lincoln 19 hours ago
hunter lincoln
hunter lincoln 19 hours ago
hunter lincoln
hunter lincoln 19 hours ago
hunter lincoln
hunter lincoln 19 hours ago
1 2 3
Ana 19 hours ago
guys i'd love to smoke a joint with
Potter Productions
Potter Productions 20 hours ago
man this video has my dying 😂😂😂
kiara panda
kiara panda 21 hour ago
I was laughing so hard this entire video
COOLPEAK 22 hours ago
7:56 voice crack
Shao Khan
Shao Khan 23 hours ago
Great interview but one note: Interviewer jokes about their careers too much, these guys take their craft seriously.
Faith_Inside 23 hours ago
mackie being a little abashed when sebastian imitates him saying “why won’t anybody kiss me” is my favorite thing ever 5:25
FE_EVO_X Day ago
Dude. The text thing was genius !
Sony Saju
Sony Saju Day ago
Nice enjoyable interview.
The animation King
“That’s what he wants you to think” that’s what all theorizers says.
Mithu Das
Mithu Das Day ago
Love them both..Sebastian 🖤
Sonia Gutierrez
I need 'You ready for the Falcon?' to be my Notification ringtone!!! Hilarious!!
person persona
Sebastian Stan is a masochist.
Michael Jimenez
Michael Jimenez 2 days ago
Mackie laughing like the Count from Sesame Street @4:09
remizart 2 days ago
I love the Marvel bromances! Good stuff
Winda Afrilia
Winda Afrilia 2 days ago
"you're ready for the falcon?" 😂😂😂
BlackMare 25
BlackMare 25 2 days ago
It's not a Stanky interview without dragging Tom Holland 😂
Jett bennett
Jett bennett 2 days ago
The light on the wall to the left is crooked could you straighten it please!
Criss Lara
Criss Lara 2 days ago
I don't think it's possible. The projection is crooked cause of the angle between wall and ceiling.
Jimmy Olea
Jimmy Olea 2 days ago
KillzoneGaming 2 days ago
The fact they both knew Scarlet’s but is funny
December Sfy
December Sfy 3 days ago
SJ Jemma
SJ Jemma 3 days ago
Shout out to Josh Horowitz I really like his interview style!👏
Gina J.
Gina J. 3 days ago
The fact that they both sent “I love you”
Haydon Zucht
Haydon Zucht 3 days ago
I wish Anthony and Sebastian were my friends
kuronszn 3 days ago
everytime anthony mackie laughs i collectively lose my shit and laugh too
fabi kirri
fabi kirri 3 days ago
Everytime i am down... i just watch these two and i can‘t stop laughing... the best. Here comes the falcon.... 😂😂😂😂
رحاب فتحي كريم
Most disgusting Q & A I've ever seen !!!
Criss Lara
Criss Lara 2 days ago
it's all for the humor, nothing here is serious
Rhea Menon
Rhea Menon 3 days ago
rEaDy FoR tHe FaLcON ? I -
matilda larkins
matilda larkins 3 days ago
I love how its been like 5 years since civil war and they're still dunking on tom holland
Gabe Sweeney
Gabe Sweeney 3 days ago
Just watched a video where Anothy Mackie said he would never upgrade his Iphone 6 Plus. Now he has the Iphone 11 pro
Criss Lara
Criss Lara 2 days ago
he said in an interview that his phone got broken and his friends bought him another one
Melissa Mikaelson
Is this the same interviewer from that interview with Elizabeth Olsen & Audrey Plaza and they were bullying him?😂🤦‍♀️
Parzival 3 days ago
Ok, why tf is sebastin stan looking sooo frikking handsome in this video?
Katelynn Nicholas
1:12 i trust sebastian and anthony 🤧
Taylor Waters
Taylor Waters 3 days ago
I just got to say Sebastian Stan was giving me ace Ventura vibes and not mad about it
Einhildur 3 days ago
That was just hilarious haha, all three of them were funny as hell Thanks for the great 11:28 minutes
skyflysky1919 4 days ago
Ready for the falcon?
Mimo Olowu
Mimo Olowu 4 days ago
so we not acknowledging the speed in knowing it was scarlett 😭
Dakota River
Dakota River 4 days ago
10:13 the way he says it is hilarious 💀
Emma Peel
Emma Peel 4 days ago
I love these guys❤️
It’s Sarah
It’s Sarah 4 days ago
*sebastian seemed so heart broken when Chris texted Anthony first*
Lucka Nosálová
Lucka Nosálová 4 days ago
Josh Horowitz is hands down one of the best interviewers out there.
Trisha Larasati
Trisha Larasati 4 days ago
and here comes the falcon
marissa zine
marissa zine 4 days ago
Johanna 2803
Johanna 2803 4 days ago
I thought Sebastian said:"we are all gay, we are all gay" after evans responded.
Gabs Satuito
Gabs Satuito 4 days ago
Anthony getting the text first. Sebastian being like: and this is why Anthony got the shield not me
morris mutunga
morris mutunga 4 days ago
How quickly they identified Scarlet's ass here 2:30 made me so proud of them! 👏👏😂 They DID NOT disappoint.
Rutuja Dambir
Rutuja Dambir 4 days ago
1 min into the video and Sebastian and Anthony already throwing shade on Tom 🤣
Magda Vallarino
Magda Vallarino 4 days ago
Brianna Lamantia
Brianna Lamantia 4 days ago
I love Sebastian Stan
Anshuman Poddar
Anshuman Poddar 4 days ago
Tom Holland is watching this ..
Kimberly Kleckner
This is the best thing I’ve seen in a long time.
Cayduhnn Edwards
Cayduhnn Edwards 4 days ago
Now this was funny
xTheAscendedOnex 5 days ago
wtf was this interview. lmao
Eliz Sabu
Eliz Sabu 5 days ago
Sebastian: (Hesitating) "Maybe"
Smoggy Fogbottom
Smoggy Fogbottom 5 days ago
I am so curious about the story behind "why won't anybody kiss me"
Marshmallows are awesome
Lmao ikr
Chris Holleran
Chris Holleran 5 days ago
The more I see Sebastian stans facial expressions the more I see him being an amazing Luke Skywalker. One day would be great x
Va Nessa
Va Nessa 5 days ago
Anthony and Sebastian need a podcast together!!!!
Erik garay
Erik garay 5 days ago
7:23 what role did he audition for???
Criss Lara
Criss Lara 4 days ago
Miley 5 days ago
I love how Sebastian was disappointed he didn’t get Tom Hiddleston LMAO 😭💀 3:03
Rohan Gupta
Rohan Gupta 5 days ago
I love how fast Anthony switches into character. You can literally see Sebastian laughing. Anthony is just serious.
Pisupo Odinson
Pisupo Odinson 5 days ago
4:09 Leto's Joker laugh
Oddlook 5 days ago
"bee in my ass for 300"
Josephine Law
Josephine Law 5 days ago
Well, it could've been that he answered it in the order that it came in. Inconclusive!
Hannah M.
Hannah M. 5 days ago
9:01 Ok, now I'm in love and I want Anthony Mackie to be the next James Bond. PERIOD.
Mueezy Cat
Mueezy Cat 5 days ago
3:29 "Oh he got me! He beat you by a second.. I love him" so adorable
Shao Khan
Shao Khan 6 days ago
I feel like Sebastian Stan would make an amazing Ace Ventura
Mom Fears My Music
People freeze-framing to try and see Chris Evans' phone number be like...
Jaeyong 6 days ago
such a funny interview, thank you
Big Ginge
Big Ginge 6 days ago
8:46 he’s such a happy bond
Arturo Carvajal
Arturo Carvajal 6 days ago
Maaaaan i need a friend
Mulimbwe Nsefu
Mulimbwe Nsefu 6 days ago
Oh God!!! these guys are funny.
Vatina Birr
Vatina Birr 6 days ago
Sebastian's James Bond impression...😂
Mar Raja
Mar Raja 6 days ago
Sebastian is a Drama Queen I LOVE IT😂❤️
Preshto 6 days ago
"stankie" im sorry what? STANKIE?! DF XD
mealtime 167
mealtime 167 6 days ago
Whoever is in charge of casting. At marvel really need a raise . I mean they hit it out the park every time.
Isabella Blalock
Isabella Blalock 6 days ago
MemeyBoi 6 days ago
Anthony: "Scarlett Johansson" Interviewer: "Anthony, the picture is still loading"
FANG XIAO 6 days ago
"Well done gentlemen"
F3ER JadeStingray
Are we just not gonna talk about how they both knew it was Scarlet Johansson right away 😳😂
Wanda Maximoff
Wanda Maximoff 4 days ago
It’s probably because of how her outfit was so . . . distinctive in that pic, I bet if they’d seen a different picture of her rear they’d get it wrong
So I Say
So I Say 6 days ago
Well it's settled. Never mind the guy from Bridgerton, the next James Bond is obviously Anthony Mackie!
Wyatt Francois
Wyatt Francois 6 days ago
did anyone else here sebastian's voice crack 7:57
LoudAnd _Clear
LoudAnd _Clear 6 days ago
Oh god this makes me want tfatws bloopers even more
Hannah R
Hannah R 6 days ago
I'd watch Anthony as James Bond
Amy Adams
Amy Adams 6 days ago
I can actually see Mackie kicking Stan's front door down when Stan is sad and sit on his couch and be like: "How you doing man?"
Rebel Styles
Rebel Styles 5 days ago
I'm now imagining that video of big bird knocking the door down and Mackie yelling "Yo Seabass! You ready for the Falcon??" 😂😂😂
Rylee Kurcz STUDENT
Poor Tom Holland lol
cris273984 6 days ago
Great interview
S 6 days ago
This is one of the funniest interviews I have ever seen
Victoria Quinsot
Victoria Quinsot 6 days ago
basil rahman
basil rahman 6 days ago
sebastian doesn't become luke? if it is, that's some big dissapointment..
Ameriana Mikalson
They bullying Tom
Rioghnach Armstrong
5.46 Josh’s reaction is all of us 😂😂
The Claws Are Out